John Munnelly

John Munnelly

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Award winning social commentary songwriter with humor & wit. Performs solo with acoustic guitar or in a trio with bass & female vocals. Compared to Neil Young & Paul Brady. John lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Acoustic EP Expanding Universe 'XU' hand created limited edition. Each one unique.
"Performs better with a busted string on his guitar than most with all six. He brings humor, intelligence and soul to folk music"
"We were very impressed. Do not stop songwriting!”


Award winning songwriter with a humorous, spiritual and witty side. Regularly performs solo with acoustic guitar or in a trio of acoustic guitar, stand up bass and female backing vocals. Has been compared to Neil Young and other Celtic songwriters like Paul Brady.  John lives in Brooklyn NY. 

John has a new Acoustic EP Expanding Universe 'XU' hand created limited numbered edition. X.U. for short. Each one of the series of fifty EP's is hand printed & painted by John so a unique and crafted approach.  This project is restoring special, unique and rare as part of the Artists repertoire in a world of digital copy & paste. The tracks recorded in an intimate setting professionally in Brooklyn with live musicians, high end equipment and sparse production trickery in order to capture the essence and soul of performance and song. 


  • "Performs better with a busted string on his guitar than most with all six. He brings humor, intelligence and soul to folk music"
  • "Grin inducing & hilarious"
  • "Very impressed"
  • "Instantly drawn to his upbeat & intelligent songwriting"
  • "Fun, intense and entertaining"
  • "inimitable dramatic fashion"
  • "he's good"
  • "You are really great, why haven't I heard of you"

Recognized for his social commentary creds with the ASCAP award winning "the Unemployment Blues" as well as his 'hilarious' sense of humor with his single and video 'Does my bum look big in this?'  and gentle mockery of Hipsters in his single "Brooklyn"

John likes making music videos so he does. 

ASCAP award Winner for 'Song with a Social-Conscience'  The Unemployment Blues.

John has taught songwriting classes in the Irish Arts Center in NYC and is a regular invited guest at The Irish American Writers and Artists Salons. He has appeared as a guest and his music has been featured on Radio in US and Ireland and on Sirius XM. He was a finalist in the Song for Peace. He appears as a regular songster guest act as part of Comedy nights in NY such as IRTE Improv and Sundays @ Seven in the IAC, NY.

Actor | Graphic Artist | Writer
John appeared as 'Link' in the Troma movie 'Hectic Knife' and as Edgar Allen Poe in the Blue Bliss Short 'Dream within a Dream' .

He makes visual art of all kinds and writes stuff down with some memoir type stories due for publication in early 2018. 

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Brooklyn (B.R.O.O.K.L.Y.N) Copyright music and Lyrics by John Munnelly

Written By: ©John Munnelly

I went to an open mic to sing a song I wrote about how we're living in Brooklyn
I earnestly would sing about just anything and how we're living in Brooklyn
Cuz what's there not to like I ride a fixed gear bike around the streets of Brooklyn
Pretty boys and tattooed girls sing along with all the words 'bout how we're living in Brooklyn

It's another lovely day There's no need to hide away phone Mom say, It's Ok Send the money...right away Now we're living in Brooklyn.

I've got a funny voice Do you think I've got choice to sing like I am sighing
And now I'm going to do a crowd finding project too though my Dad has got cash piling
I just got into town and I know whats going down in every selfie I am smiling
I knew I'd like it here I love, love artisanal beer and kale chips are so surprising


I'm from a town in Ohio a little place you hardly know and gee I'm glad to be here
I could have stayed at home but what was there for me now we're living in Brooklyn
My friends all text to me and post the things they see about how we're living in Brooklyn
But here in Ditmas park Soon need to borrow from loan shark to pay my rent in Brooklyn


©John Munnelly ASCAP LaughJohnLaugh Music ASCAP
All Rights Reserved


New EP Limited Edition 'XU' Expanding Universe

Soft Released for Christmas 2017

Unique production is one of a kind, numbered, limited edition, hand made, hand printed, every cover different CD/EP of acoustic music titled 'Expanding Universe' or XU. X is for Expanding and U is for Universe.

Brooklyn trio of myself on vocals n guitars, Genna Johnson on female backing vox and Ray Parker on bass all wrapped up in the finesse of producer Peter Litvin now back in Brooklyn Borough after a traveling hiatus.

Inside is a real-zine: a fanzine style (think new-wave B&W punk stle 1990s ) containing the lyrics, drawings and doodles from yours truly, faithfully and warm regards.

Other Singles Released:

Nowhere Without You

Brooklyn: 2016

'Big Bum Song' : Re-release June 2105

'Minotaur': Released as part of the CD Compilation 'NSA Listening Party'

'King of Cambridge':
Limited Irish CD Release, distribution 2014 & Christmas 2015

'Hello World': Album: Release June 2013 iTunes:

'Happy Christmas': Track #3 Happy Christmas from the 'Together for Christmas" a Contemporary Celtic Christmas Collection.  2012

'Antigua': Digital Single Released July 2012

'Trappatoni's Men': Digitally Released May 2012

Does My Bum Look Big in this?: Released: January 2012 as laughjohnlaugh

QuickStar Productions
Vs The World
Track 24: Hammer

Rawfish Records
Track 13 : I may be able to speak


Set List


Julius Cesar
Is it Love that we're here for
Nowhere without you
The Unemployment Blues
Kings & jesters
Angels Tears
Expanding Universe
Flower Shop
People Die
Think I'm Going Back
Hallelujah (original composition)
Gonna be allright