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Mission, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Mission, British Columbia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2013
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"Album in review - On the Road"

Album in Review: 'On The Road' EP - John Welsh
John Welsh 'On The Road' (Music Video)

Reviewed by Red Kitchen Media

"The summer is here!"
A statement undoubtedly recited from any living soul that resides here on the 'wet coast.' Even I, a sardonic homebody, can drift my thoughts away from the mundane as I anticipate the summer moments to be filled with good times, good people and good weather (fingers crossed).

Of course what would our spontaneous road trips with friends, camping excursions or patio BBQ's be without the accompaniment of those great summer tunes. We all compose our summer playlists with the notion that the songs we choose will sound that much brighter when the sun is shining and we're among friends.
Therefore music and mood have struck a remarkable friendship within us. So easily can music affect our emotions. When we want to shut off and retain our self-misery, there is music for that. When we want a boost, a guide to heightening our enjoyment, or a validating echo of our own positivity, there is music for that as well.
Lucky for us John Welsh's new EP 'On The Road' has chosen the latter.

Usually, when I write an album review, I struggle with the appropriate adjectives and defining characteristics that will best convey my opinions. Fortunately these songs have made it rather easy on me as that easy-feeling sound will do.
Now I define easy-feeling not as an overplayed Eagles song but rather, "the music you won't have to try hard to like." It's not the type of music that needs to grow on you until you've deduced that it's actually really good, it's more of that instantaneous feeling compared to the first time we heard Bob Marley. From the first listen you'll be tapping your feet and humming the melodies as you can't help but enjoy. Both fun and refreshing, 'On The Road' is that great summer companion that will keep the good times rolling and the positive energy flowing.

The title track, 'On The Road' is extraordinarily catchy and has a universal quality that makes it widely appealing for all audiences. An energetic display of rhythmical poetry as it seems each beat excites the next, enticing the listener as the song moves forward. One of my favourite lines from the song,
"Roll down the window and take a breath of air.
It's a feeling you can't get anywhere."
Great instructions from the artist himself telling us how to truly enjoy his song.

Other tracks from the EP, 'Leave it for Another Day' and 'Reggae Queen' keep the energy up with their singalongability and danceable (or in my case swayable) rhythms. The original tune, 'Mexicana' is a sultry arrangement featuring flamenco guitar which adds an authentic Latin sound. It's the only track on the album sung completely in Spanish but does a lot to showcase the diversity that John brings in his music. Then for all of us good-time-seekers, there is the 'Newfoundland Song.' A clever and witty folk ballad with a catchy melody and comical lyrics. This track raises it's glass in cheers to it's pleasantly absurd enjoyability. Last but not least, 'Summer Starlight.' A subtle yet vibrant song with a smooth feel and imaginable presence that makes me picture a relaxing summer nightcap in front of the campfire. Altogether these songs have a moment making energy that will be sure to leave their mark on your good times to come.

My only complaint, if you could even call it that, would be that this album is merely an EP. Six songs doesn't seem like enough for my spontaneous summer road trip this year. I'll barely have left my home by the time this album ends and then starts repeating… On second thought, with the windows down, with the sun shining and the music blaring…. the feeling of being 'On The Road' is a feeling worth repeating.

- James Donnelly

Red Kitchen Media

'On The Road' is available on iTunes for only $5.94 -

"Why Road Trip Stories Are So Captivating"

I have yet to encounter anyone who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned road trip. That’s the truly amazing thing about them: there are so many different kinds of vacations and people tend to differ in opinion about all of them — whether it’s better to go to the beach or the forest or the mountains — but one thing we can always seem to agree on is that the best way to get anywhere is to load up a car with your favourite people, some good music and junk food and just hit the road.

It’s amazing that people still chose to drive places when they could just as easily fly, but there is something so much more interesting about driving through the Rocky Mountains for six hours than just flying over them in one. There is something alluring about forging your own path and enjoying the ride. Road trips make every vacation so much more worthwhile because the journey is just as important as the destination, if not more.

English poetry classes teach about the pastoral ideal, about the idea of getting away from it all and returning to the outdoors, and I think that the artistic obsession with road trips is an extension of this. Books such as Kerouac’s On The Road romanticize the idea of just getting up and going, allowing the open road to take you away from everyday life. Kerouac’s characters are driven to escape from their mundane lives in search of something more exciting and fulfilling, and the journey to get to this imagined destination is an integral part of the story.

Movies like Into the Wild and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty are able to capture our attention with characters who strive to find that serenity that comes with forging amazing paths for themselves. On top of it all, there is always such a huge focus on the scenery, the amazing breathtaking views that you can find if you just drive an hour or two out of town.

We all want an escape from the everyday parts of our lives, and not everyone can afford to hop on a plane and go away for months at a time, or just move and start all over. Road trips are accessible: you can make a trip down the coast for only a weekend, and it can be something exciting if you make it about the trip itself versus the arrival at your destination.

Always make time for stops at the side of the road for goat farms and pie shops, lakes and deer herds; for every eccentric thing that catches your interest, you should pull over for. Road trips are a lot like art, we search out meaning from them, we use them as an escape or as a way to find a story, be it our own or imagined.

Of course, every great story needs a great soundtrack. One of the best parts about road trips is choosing your musical accompaniment. It’s key to pick the best music and to sing along as loudly as you like, and be sure to add in embarrassing dance moves that you know those passing cars will see.

There is something so fitting about the acoustic sounds of easy-to-sing-along-to music that makes kilometres of highway between stops melt away. I have some of my own personal favourite go-to road trip sounds, and I’m sure you do to, but if you are looking to expand your playlist, give John Welsh’s new EP, On the Road, a listen.

He’s a BC local who wrote all his songs while travelling the world, from New Zealand to Newfoundland, and all the way back home again. His music is upbeat, catchy, and super easy to sing along to while cruising down the highway on your next adventure.

If you’re ever looking for a break — maybe classes are getting a bit overwhelming or your job just kind of sucks — try just taking a day or two to go somewhere different. Maybe you don’t even have a specific destination, but just get up and drive somewhere. If you don’t have a car, I’m sure a friend who does would be up for an adventure, and worst comes to worst you can rent a car. There’s nothing stopping you but yourself, so get out there, get on the road, and don’t forget your iPod. - SFU The Peak Campus Newspaper


2005 The Welsh Brothers
2006 The Welsh Brothers Live!
2007 John Welsh - Realize
2009 Los Amigos EP
2014 On The Road EP



Over the last 10 years John Welsh has been performing his eclectic style of music for audiences around  the globe. A world traveller raised in the Fraser Valley, Welsh got his start in the college house party scene playing songs everyone could sing along to. He draws influences from artists such as Ben Harper, Michael Franti, Sam Roberts and Joel Plaskett. His songs are often inspired by his travel experiences and blend elements of folk, surf rock, reggae and latin. Welsh has recorded and performed with various acts as the Welsh Brothers, Los Amigos and Rhythm & Cello. He has played hundreds of parties, shows and events throughout the greater Vancouver area sharing the stage with artists such as Tom Freund, Current Swell and Daniel Wesley. Welsh is the recent winner of the 2014 CIVL Radio Battle of the Singer Songwriters and made the Top 14 in the 2014 99.3 Fox Seeds Competition.
John has just released his new EP "On The Road" produced by Digory Smallz (Joshua Hyslop/Young Liars/BESTiE). The EP holds down a strong rhythm section with veteran Vancouver sessionists Tim Proznick(drums) and Darren Parris(bass). James Donnelly of Red Kitchen Media writes: â€œFrom the first listen you'll be tapping your feet and humming the melodies as you can't help but enjoy. Both fun and refreshing, 'On The Road' is that great summer companion that will keep the good times rollingâ€?
Welsh's songs have recently been featured on CBC Radio 1, Victoria's 91.3 the Zone and college radio stations. Welsh and his band were busy this summer with a steady lineup of shows to promote the new EP including a showcase at the 2014 Mission Folk Music Festival. Welsh is accompanied by: Courage Eigbike(percussion/vocals),  Brent Webb(bass), Devin Modugno(electric guitar) and Nathan Larsen(drums).  Plans for the New Year include expanding the band's following around BC with bookings at several major ski resorts, Squamish and Island dates TBA. 
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