John Adams 4

John Adams 4


John Adams 4 is an ambitious young rock band blending the ecclectic sounds of current rock and folk rock with their own twist for a sophisticated and catchy mix. Their high energy and great musicianship make them a stand-out new band.


John Adams 4 began late in the fall of 2002 when Tim Killeen met Dan Krall and they decided to start a band up, much to the chagrin of the rest of the people living in Dan’s dorm (which is where they practiced at quite a volume). Before their first practice, Dan asked Alex Janusek to play bass and the trio was formed (as for the name, we think you can figure it out for yourselves). After a year and a half of playing shows around Loyola Chicago’s campus, Dan left the band. This created a void that could only be filled by one old man and that old man was Sean Hearden.

Thanks to the quick thinking and cunning of a one Liz Immel, Sean was brought in as a possible replacement for Dan. Obviously this worked out well and the band as we now know it was formed.

Since then, JA4 has been making people gaze in amazement via their immense amounts of talent and devilish good looks. With Sean’s backing, the band has a solid, inventive and sometimes off-color foundation to fall back on. This is complimented well by Alex’s creative bass lines that lend stability and harmony to Tim’s guitar which is played with a “jazzy licks meet rock riffs” style. The band has great plans for the future, and with their incredible fans and catchy songs, they’ll certainly get what they want.


The Best We Can EP- 2004

Set List

Enough Original Material for 120 minutes.

Covers range from serious: "Red House"-Jimi Hendrix, "Aeroplane"-Red Hot Chili Peppers
to fun loving:"Walking on Broken Glass"-Annie Lennox, "Livin' La Vida Loca"-Ricky Martin, "Superfreak"-Rick James