John Amar

John Amar

 Houston, Texas, USA

I am a singer/songwriter/pianist with electronic tendencies. I write pop music that can shine with production value yet stand alone as an acoustic performance. My major influences can be found in the pop, hip-hop/R&B, and electronic genres.


Hi, my name's John Amar. My background lies mainly in the classical music realm. I began taking piano lessons at age 7, then began singing at age 9. I continued my studies at The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts ('07-'09), attended The Chicago College of Performing Arts ('09-'12), and Austin Live Music Academy ('12-'13). In 2010, I began writing songs regularly. After I had enough songs under my belt, I began recording at Barron Studios (Houston, TX) in 2011. Digital releases include "Down Tonight EP" (2012) and "The Sweet Spot" (2014).


Down Tonight EP (2012)

The Sweet Spot (2014)