John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis

John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis


John Arnold and Jeremy Ellis (aka Ayro) are renown individually for their unique eclectic music styles and, although they have become known for their live shows, this is the first time the duo have recorded a track together – instantly making this release an attractive item for fans of good music!


Jeremy ‘Ayro’ Ellis

Living in Detroit meant it was almost inevitable that Jeremy Ellis would discover soul music. With soul music constantly on the radio and a desire to be musically creative, Jeremy Ellis, aka Ayro, is a classically trained musician who has become one of Detroit’s freshest makers of electronic soul music. Known for his live act with John Arnold, Jeremy stands out as an energetic multi-talented musician and performer who has been dubbed as ‘Detroit’s broken beat Stevie Wonder’ – part of a mind-blowing live freestyle act not to be missed! Future Soul Records welcomes Jeremy Ellis to the label! First up from him and John Arnold is the infectious ‘Nightlife’ track. The track allows Jeremy and John to unite and utilize their musical skills – with impressive results!

Jeremy has the ability to mix up an array of eclectic music styles whether he is DJing, producing, programming or playing keys. After a successful debut with ‘ElectronicLoveFunk’, Jeremy went on to remix artists including Jazzanova and Modern Groove Assembly, and added vocals to club anthems by Roy Davis Jr. and John Beltran. He produced his highly praised ‘Lotus Blooms’ album in 2005 after an inspirational trip to Puerto Rico. The sound of West London has also been highly influential to him. Interestingly, he had not heard the West London broken beat sound but discovered it whilst experimenting: “I decided to cut up the beat a little bit and everyone said ‘this sounds like that West London shit’. I hadn’t heard it, it just independently happened. While I am massively influenced by the West London sound, I believe we are all getting our main inspiration from soul, jazz, and latin music of the past."

As well as places, Jeremy draws inspiration from everyday events and gigs: “My biggest inspiration is experience. [An event] is an experience and for the next week, I’ll make tracks inspired by the energy.” He is grateful for today’s technology which allows him to connect with other artists around the world. “We can hop on i-Chat and drop our new track to a friend in Tokyo or in London and they can give feedback immediately. Or you can send a track and have someone add to it…The possibilities are massive.”

Whilst he is full of praise for the future when it comes to technology, the future of the mainstream music industry is something he has concerns about. “To have a big hit record, the record label spends $1 million in the first six weeks and if that artist doesn’t sell [enough] copies they’re cancelled. 40 years ago the first album may not sell that well but [the label] would keep spending money on you and build you as an artist. But right now they’d drop you. In a lot of ways, that’s why we chose not to go major label route.” A major label’s loss is certainly Future Soul Record’s gain! Listen out for more goodness from Jeremy Ellis on this label!

John Arnold

Fellow Detroit resident, John Arnold, met Jeremy when he was invited to go and listen to him perform in a funk band… “I met Jeremy when I was 17 and my buddy said to me ‘listen to this funk band’ and this red [haired] Irish kid was playing the funkiest music and I was like ‘my God!’ Musically, we’re on the same level and we push each other...”

After studying music theory, multi-instrumentalist John went on to perform as part of acoustic jazz set-up, Blackman & Arnold, and has also performed as part of Amp Fiddler’s band and was invited to perform live at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2000 by one of Detroit’s best known producers, Carl Craig. John believes that the struggle to survive and the long winter months in Detroit are one of the reasons so much musical talent has emerged from the city. “There’s so much of a struggle there; you have to be creative or you’ll die. Everybody’s broke and they need the excitement of music.” John has released singles and remixes on labels including Transmat and has produced two albums for Ubiquity Records. Plus, of course, he is well known for his unique live performances alongside Jeremy…

Having worked together for a number of years, John and Jeremy feel they complement each other musically because they each play different instruments – John plays the guitar and Jeremy plays keyboards – and they are both musically trained, and jazz trained and continue to practice together regularly.

Surprisingly, until now, John and Jeremy had played on each other’s music but had never combined their talents… For Future Soul Records, John and Jeremy have replayed Barney Blair Perry’s ‘Nightlife’ track note for note. The original tune was a huge club hit for The Blackbyrds member when it was released in the late 70’s. John explains how this choice of track about: “Mike Greenleaf brought us together and wanted us to make an album together. He chose the track Nightlife, he thought it would be the perfect track for us and it really was because of the keys, the vocals, the guitar – we did everything together on it and it


John Arnold Style And Pattern CD, Promo Ubiquity Records 2005
John Arnold Style And Pattern 2xLP Ubiquity Records 2005
John Arnold Style And Pattern CD, Album Ubiquity Records 2005
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Jeremy Ellis The Lotus Blooms 2xLP Ubiquity Records 2005
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Jeremy Ellis Lotus / Bomba Kiss 12" Ubiquity Records 2004
John Arnold Anaconda 12" Ubiquity Records 2003
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John Arnold 4 Minutes? 12" Transmat Records 2002
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John Arnold We're Not 12" Ubiquity Record 2002
John Arnold Universal Mind 12" Fragile Records 2000
John Arnold Universal Mind 12" W/Lbl Fragile Records 2000

Set List

Our set includes lots of our original hits, some puerto rican dance classics, a James Brown tribute (freestyle - cut up tracks performed and edited live), a J-Dilla tribute (freestyle), some dirty detroit hip-hop, some nasty minimal detroit techno, and some detroit booty for ya' booty