John Astor

John Astor


I write and play a real spectrum of music. Although my roots are folk, rock and blues, I am a trained jazz and classical player. I have composed for myself, my groups, films, commercials and other people's groups. I have music in me that keeps wanting to be expressed, so I follow my own creativity.


I was born in San Francisco and started playing the guitar when I was ten. I immediately took to the idea of playing and singing songs. Soon thereafter, I started writing my own songs and became fascinated with the way other artists put songs together. I started playing some other instruments but always the guitar was the closest to my heart and when I wasn't playing it professionally (you see I was a saxophonist, an electric bassist and a mountain dulcimer player too), I was playing it at home writing tunes or learning new things. Eventually, which is not too long after, I just stayed with the guitar. I just love the intimacy and the abilities of the instrument and all the different ways it can be played. I've been fortunate to have played with some great people over the years and continue to explore the song form with its many possibilities. Currently I'm playing solo and at times with a percussionist. I've branched back out and play most anything. I also teach the guitar and find a certain joy from passing on the things I've learned, but most of all I love my sweet wife Isabelle who has brought me such warm colors and undying love that spells happiness to me and she has brought me closer and clearer with the Creator that is the all in one and the one in all.


'The Visions of a Dreamer' 1989
'Wave Spirit; Music of the Appalachian Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer' 1995
'Premonitions' 2002
'A Song Inside of a Song' 2005
'Isabelle' 2008 (Streaming live these days)

Set List

'Hand In Hand' Original
'That's What Love' Original
'The Garden' Original
'Kittybird' Original
'Where We Are'[ Original
'Moonshadow' Cover
'It's All For You' Original
'Shine For Love' Original
'Our Love' Original
'Champagne' Original
'Night To Light' Original
'Isabelle' Original