Johnathan Celestin

Johnathan Celestin

 New York City, New York, USA

With the lyrics of Drake, the voice of Maxwell, and the edginess of Chris Brown; Johnathan Celestin is the freshest thing to hit the music scene since Lauryn Hill. His passionate vocals pull you in, his songwriting keeps you mesmerized, and his honesty lets you know that his music is here to stay!


"What's up world,

Just released my freshman album "...And Then the Rolling Stone Fell in Love."  I was born and bred in VA, but baptized in the city of New York. Indie artist here, working double time to make it happen. I got mad love for my fans, #TEAMJC for continuing to give me support and helping to spread the word. I've been songwriting for years for other artists and performing in theatre, but this album is my first solo project. It's about living in the wake of love's aftermath. It's passionate, it's raw, and most of all, it's real.

I'm on my grind; making music, making moves, and hopefully making something you connect with. Stay tuned, everyday something new is happening, so check back to see the latest.



EP - "...And Then the Rolling Stone Fell in Love."

Singles -
Superman - "...And Then the Rolling Stone Fell in Love."
12 Steps - "...And Then the Rolling Stone Fell in Love."

Heartbeat - Single only
Kama Sutra - Single only

So Much To Give - Single from his "I STAND FOR LOVE" anti-violence campaign.