John Austin

John Austin


Emotion,soul,expression that cuts to the chase, in a lovable melting pot of blues,folk,country, & classic rock.


John picked up his first guitar at fourteen, and taught himself to play by listening to records. In his youth he played with many different bands: Euphoria, Boys in the Basement and Fate's Creation. With a group called Ammo, he began to gain some barroom experience (around 250 gigs' worth!). He was then recruited by another band named the Struts. He performed well over 200 gigs as their front man and lead singer. This was only the beginning.

Not long after the Struts split up, John found himself in rehabilitation for alcoholism. After a couple of years of laying a good, solid, sober foundation, John formed a new group called Austin Roots. Singing tight harmonies over well tuned guitars, the group performed original tunes and covered artists such as Bonnie Raitt and John Gorka. The group quickly became a local favorite at Common Ground and other coffee houses, bars, and restaurants in the Philadelphia area.

Around 1996, John moved away from Austin Roots to perform on his own. His song "More Pavement Please" appeared on a compilation (Enviroaid) alongside songs by Kathy Sledge (Sister Sledge) and Rik Emmet (Triumph), and received airplay on WXPN 88.5 FM. He has since played hundreds of solo gigs, performing his growing collection of original tunes as well as material by artists such as Eric Clapton and Neil Young. John has also performed with Foxfire, Fran Lynch, Gary Baumeister, Michelle More, Bar Scott, Sonny Boy Jim, Jim Simpson, Ben Arnold, Joseph Parsons, Beth Williams, Annie Baureline, and Jonathan & Anne Rose.

In 2000 John celebrated the release of his first CD entitled "Harder When You Run." It's version of "More Pavement Please" was picked by WXPN's Helen Leicht to be aired on her "Philly Local" segment. The album has also received airplay on Lehigh Valley's WXLV as well as several other area radio stations.

John continues to gig, write, and sell CDs along the way. Look for the release of his second CD in 2005.


Crossroads Prayer

Written By: John Austin

V1- Can't get no sleep , i've got a worried mind. When the money's tight the world looks unkind. No matter what i do , i just don't fit. I swear to God sometimes i just wanna quit,
Pre- Chorus : I don't know, I don't know
Chorus- Oh won't you show me which way, Lord, to go.....Won't you give me the strength Lord to grow,..oh won't you show me wich way, Lord to go,......still got a long way to go, still got a long way to go.
V2- Work real hard man, and what do you get?....A tired body and a thin paycheck........Don't make no sense , it's sure a hard way to go ..... so hard to beleive in nothing to show.
V3- No easy way out, just like my daddy said,....When to do like before would only, kill me dead.......Don't wanna be bitter,no,don't wanna be mean, and i , don't wanna return to that ugly drunken scene,

pre- chorus, chorus

Ski- Monique

Written By: John Austin

Ski, Ski Monique, we've got a brand new water-ski line,......Ski, Ski Monique, girl you know you look so fine,.....Yea the sun is hot and the sky is blue, i think i'll jump right in the cool water with you, alright, well alright
Ski, Ski Monique, ski behind that Barefoot Nautique. ......Ski, Ski Monique, girl you've got a fine physique,.......Yea the sun is hot and the sky is blue, i think i'll jump right in the cool water with you,allright,well alright
Ski, Ski Monique, girl you know you ski the best,......Ski, Ski Moniqe, let me help you with that jobe vest...........yes , the sun is hot and the sky is blue, i think i,ll jump right in the cool water with you, yes the sun is hot and the sky is blue, i think i,ll jump right in the cool water with you , allright, well allright, well allright, well allright!


1 full solo cd to date: "Harder When You Run" released locally in 2000, and on the web in 2004.
available through :, and through tracks available through streaming and digital download with 36 companies , through

Set List

1) More Pavement Please - me
2)The Only Thang- me
3)Out on the weekend- Neil Young
4)Travelin' Song - me
5)Crossroads Prayer - me
6)Ain't Hurtin' Nobody - John Prine
7)All of My Love - me
8)The Heckler - me
9)Mama Don't let you're babys grow up to be cowboys - Willie & Waylon
10)Ski-Monique - me