John Austin Band

John Austin Band


A fun, passionate, expressive, soulful, emotional, improvisational, matured and tasteful mix of country, blues, folk, and classic rock, that one might refer to as "Americana."


Easily one of the finest new bands out of Pennsylvania the John Austin Band performs a tasteful mix of Americana, blues, country, folk and classic rock. A well seasoned group of veteran musicians (all of whom have 25 or more years of experience) these guys are not afraid to let the music take on a life of its own. Whether they're getting down to one of John's well wtitten originals, or stretching out on an old familar classic, the group is becoming known for it's inspired improvisation, extended live jams, and tight 3 part harmonys to beet. John has one solo CD to his credit "Harder When You Run", released in 2000, and is recording many of the live gigs with his new band. Look for a live release some time this year (2008). We can expect a lot more great music from the John Austin Band in the years to come.


Harder When You Run (2000) Screeching Eagle Music

Set List

Although sets may be an hour to an hour and a half in length (or shorter by request of the venue) and we take extensive requests from the audience from our play list of over 300 songs, A typical set list might include:

1) Crossroads Prayer - John Austin Band
2) Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
3) The Only Thing - John Austin Band
4) Mama's Don't Let Your Babies - Willie + Waylon
5) More Pavement Please - Jon Austin Band
6) Amie - Pure Prarie League
7) Need Your Love So Bad - John Austin Band
8) Old Shoes - Tom Waits
9) The Heckler - John Austin Band
10) Glendale Train - New Riders of the Purple Sage
11) Ski Monique - John Austin Band
12) Cripple Creek - The Band