John Ball

John Ball

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

I play passionate and original music about my life and relationship with God. Some call it Christian music and some call it worship music. I desire to create real, authentic music about God that isnt the typical regurgitated mush you hear on the radio over and over.


Bios for artists tend to be written in third person, but lets be honest; nine times out of ten the biography is really just an autobiography filled with stretched truths to make the artist sound cool. I don’t want to do that. I want to be real, because I feel that’s the drive behind my music; an aspiration to be real. My name is John Ball and I write what a lot of people call Christian music. Really what it is is an overflow of my heart. It’s a response to struggles, daily experiences, and a passion for the living God who has saved my soul. I want to create music that isn’t the same regurgitated Christian lines, the same chords progressions, and the same uncreative junk that has been heard over and over again. I am a vessel. In my mind these songs aren’t mine, they are God’s and He is using me to show His true self which I feel gets muted way too often. This is me being totally vulnerable and allowing you a look into my heart. So here it is, I hope you enjoy.


Found Among The Broken EP - November 2010
(available for free on