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"John Basile/John Abercrombie Duo"

Guitarists John Basile and John Abercrombie have so many similarities it's amazing they haven't recorded a duo album before (the work Basile did with Abercrombie on the John Abercrombie Teaches Jazz Guitar Improvisation video doesn't count), While only 10 or so years apart in age, they both attended the Berklee School of Music, have performed extensively both as leaders and side-musicians with an astounding number of other big name jazz artists and bring the same like-minded sensibilities to their playing - sensitlvity to honor the music first, the ability to creatively shape lines that fit perfectly wilhin the accompaniment, for the artist radar ears to provide the perfect accompaniment for the artist being featured, stylistically subverting the needs of the ego to honor the other artist and the facility and cleverness to play in tandem, both with and against, another guitarist in the most exposed of all ensemble settings - the duo.

This splendidly performed recording should be required listening for all guitarists who think they know what it takes to play jazz. The interplay between these two consummate is astonishing. They seem to sense the direction their compatriot is going to go before they get there and, in sensing this, are able to prepare that direction in advance.
For example, Abercrombie's solo on "Sweet & Lovely" delves, for a short while, into fragmented diminished scales and even before he goes there you can sense Basile's light shift in the rhythm and voicing of his accompaniment in order to lay a more appropriate foundation for Abercrombie's coming lines. This is but one example of how these two
consummate musicians venerate and enliven the talents of the other throuqhout the entire 50+ minutes of this recording.

Those looking for pyro-techniques should go elsewhere. On this recording it's all about nuance, subtle interplay, shifting time to more fully express musical thoughts by the soloist and some of the most understated, modest and discreet musical wit you'll ever hear. Together they cover standards, such as the afore mentioned "Sweet and Lovely", as well as originals. Styles covered include swing and free, along with many variations of and between the two depending on the juxtapositions of their musical mood at the time. It's a splendid recording that is so perfect you can't believe such musicianship is possible.

This CD is a must for any serious jazz lover.
Dr Thomas R Erdmann - -

"It Was A Very Good Year"

It Was a Very Good Year
John Basile | Underhill Jazz

Neo-Ultra-Cool Jazz with a Warm Finish

Guitarist John Basile has been cruising the sideman circuit for the past twenty years, in addition to releasing a handful of respected projects as leader. It Was a Very Good Year finds Mr. Basile with a new label boasting the same sumptuous tone listeners to his earlier recordings have come to expect. Basile achieves a wonderful blend of sound, mood, timber and time with his guitar-organ quartet.

The title track is a perfect example of this point. Basile's band takes the Sinatra staple at a quiet pace, with Jason Devlin using brushes most effectively. Jerry Z's accompaniment sounds like Basile dubbed himself into the mix, until the organist begins his cool, understated solo. Cool and warm this music is a dichotomy, a beautiful enigma.

Basile's recital choices indicate a well-studied guitarist. He attended Berklee College of Music and graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music. He went on to become an educator himself, developing the Jazz Guitar Curriculum at the New School in New York City. Mr. Basiles brains and talent illuminate his informed treatments of John Abercrombie's "Ralph's Piano Waltz," Red Mitchell's "One Long String," Joe Pass "Catch Me," and Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Zingaro." He allows his band ample solo space and they all take advantage of this generosity.

This is not greasy roadhouse organ jazz. It's ultra-cool music that oddly can warm a room. Rarely does the volume rise above brushes and the gentle purr of the B-3. Bassist Nick Misch provides the low-tone under pinning of the band, rather than the organist's feet. Misch's tone is full and round and slightly behind the beat, all contributing to the very cool exterior of this warm music. The result is much much greater than the sum of its parts, making this release one of the finest of this year.

~ C. Michael Bailey -


- Very Early (Seabreeze 2024) w/ Eddie Gomez

- Quiet Passage (ProJazz 627) w/ Tom Harrell, Joey Barron, George Mraz.

- Sunnyside Up (ProJazz 641) w/ Terry Clarke, Paul Socolow, Tom Harrell, Byron Olsen.

- John Basile/Brad Terry Duo (Musicmasters 51244A)

- For All Time (Philology 214W103-2) w/ David Finck, Peter Grant.

- Frankly Speaking: A Jazz Portrait of Sinatra (King Record - Japan) w/ Michael Brecker, John Abercrombie, Grady Tate.

- The Desmond Project (Chesky 165)

- It Was A Very Good Year (UnderhillJazz 001)

- Animations (UnderhillJazz 002) w/ John Abercrombie.

- Time Will Reveal (UnderhillJazz 003) w/ David Finck, Clint de Ganon , Joe Locke, Roger Squitero.



John Basile was born in the Boston area and began playing in local pop show bands and jazz organ groups at an early age. He attended Berklee College of Music and graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music in 1979.

Moving to NYC in 1980 John has performed and recorded in a wide variety of formats both as a leader and a sideman.

As an accompanist he has worked with Peggy Lee, Sylvia Syms, Rosemary Clooney, Mark Murphy, and Tony Bennett as well as live performances with contemporary instrumentalists George Mraz , Tom Harrell, John Abercrombie, and Red Mitchell to name just a few.

In 1997 John entered the field of medical imaging as an MRI technologist and educator, opened numerous imaging centers in the NY area, and recently attained the advanced certification CRA (Certified Radiology Administrator).

Musically John's guitar style utilizes a finger-style technique that approaches the guitar like a piano. For John the challenge of comping chord fragments and playing melodies simultaneously provides a backdrop for a more open style of playing and improvising.

His latest project "Time Will Reveal" (UnderhillJazz 003) , produced by bassist David Finck, showcases his melodic full-toned guitar style in an acoustic latin jazz setting featuring pop material largely from the 70's.

" The 70's produced a huge variety of music - some great melodic and harmonic vehicles that have not been traditionally performed in an improvisational instrumental context. We felt that there was a whole wealth of material here worth exploring - but in an acoustic jazz setting without the traditional electric bass and synthesizer layering. These were the "standards" of the day for me growing up, and to revist this material with some of the best NYC studio musicians was really a treat."

Currently, in addition to working with Underhill Jazz, John manages a number of medical imaging centers and juggles a busy schedule of performing and teaching in the NYC area.

He can be reached at :