John Blek & The Rats

John Blek & The Rats


Irish americana group 'John Blek and the Rats' who released their debut EP 'An Extended Play' in Cyprus Avenue, Cork on the 17th of October 2009, after playing the prestigious IMRO Showcase tour and being chosen as Hot Press' 'Pick of the Fortnight'.


Taking their inspiration from the revelry of music and friends, the bitter end of the bottle, the bruising passage of life and all that comes with it, John Blek and the Rats are a fresh folk outfit from Cork whose melancholy is tempered by a penchant for a good ol’ hodown and a hollerin’.
Raised on a diet of the American folk and ballads of their fathers, John Blek and the Rats are a band whose main aspiration is the song. Currently recording in an abandoned dentist surgery in West Cork, John Blek and the Rats' ambition is second only to their desire to write and perform perfect pop records infused with the Americana sensibilities of years gone by.


An Extended Play by John Blek & The Rats

Set List

Typical set consists of 18 songs and is 70minutes in duration.