John Brackett

John Brackett

BandHip HopLatin

Commercial OR UnderGround, can and will combine , Has an uncanny sense of when to perform the type of music that generates great surges of energy from the crowd.


This is what it actually is.
Life influences us.
To make the crowds relate to us is always the major goal. We pride ourselves on stage shows that connect us with the crowds energy. Yet, we do not feed off of their energy as much as we want them to feed off of ours in order to make each event a memorable experience for all who attend.
Our story is what we know and perform as it unfolds. From the home of Hip Hop which is our foundation our Story is Greatness. It is one of joy, struggle, life's realization of ones own journey, hope, aspiration, and despair. We are reporters to the world of the reality that surrounds us. Our reality does not only belong to us but to many who hear us as well. That is where the connection is made. We are not glorifying negativity by any means. For those who do not share our reality our music is an inspiration to achieve a positive reality OR to be a deterrent from the harsh realities of life we may witness or go through. We can place you in our world for those few precious minutes to enjoy and disconnect from your own world as a sort of mini vacation. No crowd is too small or too big to hear our story and have fun with us at the same time. This is our GREATNESS !!!!


It's Only A Hobby - BOSSMusic, Inc. - 2003 (Mix CD)
HOT HOT Mixed CD - BOSSMusic, Inc. - 2006
Pied Piper - BOSSMusic.Inc. - 2006 (Single)
My Girl - BOSSMyusic,inc. - 2006 (single)

Set List

Any combination dealing with commercial and UnderGround Rap to Reggeaton(Spanish Reggea).
From three to five songs for a 20-30 minute set.