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John Brandoli

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Springfield singer John Brandoli releases his first album, 'Disbelief no more'"

Saturday, December 06, 2008
With numerous shows already under his belt, singer-songwriter John Brandoli is ready to make things happen for himself.

The Springfield vocalist, whose vocals hearken back to the glory days of Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor and Tom Petty, released his first album, "Suspended Disbelief," last week.

"I started recording in March of 2008, it was recorded at Rotary Records in West Springfield. I co-produced it with Warren Amerman," said Brandoli, 26.

"I wrote all the songs - words and music. I want the first record to be a statement, things I wanted to get off my chest," said Brandoli, who plans on spending 2009 playing shows and promoting the album.

"I want people to really get a sense of who I am. I'm ready to put these songs out, I'm ready to share them with people," he said.

In addition to handling vocal duties, Brandoli said he plays both the guitar and the piano, using both instruments to write the album's 10 tracks.

"I'd say I write a little bit more on the guitar, a 60/40 type of thing. Usually the songs come out of the first few moments. If the spark is there, I'll feel it. All the songs flowed out of me," he said.

"Fleetwood Mac is definitely a huge influence, a group of diverse songwriters. James Taylor is a huge influence; Damien Rice is one of my current favorites. Then I go into Motown - Marvin Gaye and Aretha," said Brandoli, adding bands such as the Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers to the list.

"Oh, and you can't forget Tom Petty. Tom's like the ultimate rocker," Brandoli said.

These influences come together to create an album full of diverse songs that not only flow together seamlessly, but also, thanks to Brandoli's vocals and melodic touch, have the ability to stand alone in their own right.

One such song is the first single from the album, "Upside Down," a mid-tempo cut that can't be classified into one genre, combining jazzy guitar chords with a folk rock (and sometimes country) feel.

"My song "Upside Down," it's a song about surviving and making it," said Brandoli, who added that he wasn't afraid to

tackle personal subjects while writing lyrics.

"It's a feeling that comes over you if you're dealing with an issue with your personal life. It kind of sparks from there," he said.

The album, too, has proven to be a family affair for Brandoli.

"My mom sings harmony on a few tracks, my cousin sang on a few tracks, my brother Paul played amazing drums and my dad played amazing drums. My brother Eric played bass on half the album," he said.

Brandoli said that he plans on holding a CD release party in March. "Suspended Disbelief" is available now for $12 through and
- The Springfield Republican

"Brandoli's Baby: 'Suspended in Disbelief'"

John Brandoli's music has always been hard to describe. He has a distinct pop sensibility that will catch your ears with lyrics that can melt your heart. Few people capture the mystical and dark side of pop music quite so well. Brandoli is clearly an emotional person that writes about deep subject matter. I was lucky enough to catch up with him. I asked him what his songs meant to him and who was the "Christine" in that closing song that made me cry.

SG: What are the songs about?

JB:I write about the things that I have experienced, it is all real to me. I never make up stories, but I do have to tell you that I write sometimes very subconciously, almost dreamlike. Sometimes the melody and words just flow out of me with little regard for them making sense. But then I am singing the song and I will slowly start making sense of it. Sometimes the writing is not always reflective either. It can be very psychic. That'll freak ya out! (laughs)

SG: When do you write?

JB: I would like to say I write about many situations and with different emotional places. But I really don’t all that much. My best stuff mostly comes out of angst. So my songs tend to have that common context. They are about desperation. When I have to give up control and have no where to turn that’s where my songs come in. They are my outlet, my journal.

SG: Where do you write?

JB: The initial inspiration can happen almost anywhere. But it’s almost always finished being written at home. Because they are so personal. Rarely have I ever been able to write with other people. I seem to write the most when I just get up. It’s like my mind is free of distraction, and another world is let in. But I always seem to write 3-4 songs at a time. But then, I won’t write for a while.

SG: Really, like writer’s block?

JB: I wouldn’t say writer’s block. It just seems like a portal opens and the creativity flows. It’s at that time, I have to fully capatilize on it, because I know it is a fleeting moment. I do periodically start getting scared when I go too long without writing. That is aggravating. But now I am used to it, so I don’t dwell in that aggravation as much anymore

SG: For example, If Only Make, what is the inspiration.

JB: Basically about someone I had strong feelings for. And that person made me think it would work for about five seconds. It was a whirlwind situation. But it’s the old ‘I love You but it will never work’ scenario. So I had to let it go. It took a long time, but I am finally over that situation. But it’s strange, anytime I sing that song it freaks me out, because it stirs up those same feelings. But most important, If Only Make is a beautiful story, because it ends with acceptance: we never change but 'if only you remain'. So if we can move on, and be friends then I guess that’s cool with me.

SG: How long have you been writing?

JB: Since I was 14. I wrote a song on the piano. So simple, probably 4 chords. But it made perfect sense to me. I was as deep as a teenager could possibly be at the time. I do remember writing stories and drawing and far back as about 5 years old.

SG: So are you “Not Happy” in your life?

JB: (laughs) No, I would say overall, I am very happy with my life. I have a lot to look forward to. I am blessed that I am able to sing and write and be myself. And people accept me for that. I am surrounded by people who care about me, and support me. Everyone in my life, knows how important this is to me and they respect it. I can’t ask for anything more

SG: Except a multimillion dollar record deal?

JB: (Laughs)Yes, that would be nice.

SG: I was listening to your album, and came to the song "Christine", the closing song. It made me cry...

JB: Oh,I am sorry.

SG: No, no. It is just such a beautiful song. Can you tell us what it about? Who is Christine?

JB: Christine was written about my best friend with the same name. Her Dad was sick and she was going through so much. I really didn't know what to do or say. It was an intense situation, for sure. It is a little bit about me saying "I will be there". But as I wrote it, it almost seemed as if something that a father would say to there kid. I love that song. It is one of my proudest.

SG: Finally, what would you want to tell people that pick up your CD?

JB: Thank you. And that these songs are about things we all go through. I am just talking about them from an intense perspective. If someone comes to me and tells me that a song I wrote makes them feel better about something that they're going through , then I have done my job. - Interview


April 17, 2009
Fresh off the heels of his latest endeavour, John Brandoli is looking to the future.

Springfield, Ma-Singer/Songwriter- John Brandoli, who just released his latest LP, Suspended Disbelief in November 2008 is excited to annnouce his plans for Summer/Fall 2009. John is planning the release of a Live CD/DVD which will coincide with the television special he taped with director Don O'Dell late last month, which will air nationally. "This for me was a side of my music I wanted to show people. That we rock. As much as I love the my Suspended [Disbelief], I wanted to show people the energy that my band and I give with each performance. It's like the songs are set free." Brandoli also says that the live album will feature a few new studio tracks. "It's important for my soul to be able to put some fresh material out. These songs that we are working on were written collaboratively which is a new and excting approach for me. I can't wait to put them out."
When asked why such ambition so shortly after his first release, Brandoli reminds of his song Desperation. "In the story of Desperation, you keep trying to get it right. Looking for that clearer vision. Well I for one never stop searching. For me, I need the mystery of the future to keep going."
John will be performing an acoustic show at McCaffreys Public House in Springfield, Ma on Saturday April 25 at 9pm. - Castle's Gate Music,


LP- Suspended Disbelief, Released: November 2008
Singles- If Only Make, Upside Down- in rotation in Europe and North American radio



John Brandoli is packing venues in Western, Massachusetts and his fan base is growing. With the release of his CD "Suspended Disbelief", he is making an impact here and abroad. Hundreds of fans packed a local Northampton, MA nightclub for John's CD release concert. His versatile style of rock, folk rock and pop is rapidly gaining momentum and recognition. John has received great press/reviews and regular radio play.

Twenty-seven year old John Brandoli was born into a family of musicians. Both parents were professionals and all three brothers are working musicians. "My brothers and I come from a house that was filled with music." The music of Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan truly influenced his early beginnings. "I remember being very young and having Bonnie Raitt's, Luck of the Draw blaring out my boom box or glued to the television watching Fleetwood Mac's The Dance. I was always drawn to the music that hit me emotionally."

Beginning with piano and picking up the guitar on his own in his early teen years, John composed his first song at the age of 14 and never looked back. He continued to write music and lyrics through high school and into college developing a unique style of his own.

John’s career as a professional singer/songwriter has its roots in hard work and perseverance. He performed local community events, clubs, private parties and corporate events while doing studio work on his first CD, "Suspended Disbelief", released in November 2008 with talented local musicians and performances by his family members.

John's exceptional writing is only part of a multi-dimensional artist. He captivates audiences with his stage performances. With a following that keeps growing, John has an awesome connection with his fans. "I love them. They write me from here in the States and from all over the world: Europe and Japan and Canada. It blows me away, like my wildest dreams are coming true."

John Brandoli has the making of a hit-making songwriter. From "Upside Down" to "Desperation", the hooks are there, leaving the listener wanting more. Brandoli is set to release a new DVD/CD package of a live soundstage taping in the summer of 2009 featuring several new tracks.

John’s music is for sale through and can be purchased through his website or downloaded from iTunes on the web.