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Alone I Stand

Written By: John Bullard

“Alone I Stand”

Birds chirping, breezes blowing
I hear the hollow of wind
Lips kissing, skyscrapers glistening
I see the pleasantries of men.

Sun’s rising, sun’s setting
The moon alone there again
Lips cursing, guns firing
I see the chastening of men.

Alone I stand on hollow ground
With little to call my own
Here in my head
Cut off from my friends
Lost in a world among men.

Unmatched, undisturbed
The company of silence has no end
Unwelcomed, unimproved
Unleash these feelings (these feelings) I’ve bled.

Forsaken, forgotten
I seem to have lost my way
Isolated, insulated
Even lovebirds look the other way

"In Tears"

Written By: John Bullard

As I entered her race, she gave me my chase
I didn’t expect to lose this prize.
Out from the start I desired her smiles
And offered my life to secure her eyes.

She stole my heart, and not hard-won
Her gaze was amorous and full of fun.
A lady of wonder, a glamorous sight
But I proved to be fleeting, and she proved to be right.

Now I’m vanquished and in tears
Sitting alone tracing my fears
No longer able to find her near
Desperate and longing for yesteryear

I shake my head in disbelief,
I conjure up chaos, so full of grief
This body of mine knows its loss
I look for some peace, but no better off.

My life is full of desperate dreams,
Of an ideal girl I so foolishly cling.
Reminiscing of dreams come true
And what could have been if I still had you.