John Caleb McMahan

John Caleb McMahan


Holy Spirit lead, to glorify Jesus in all that I do taking me totally out of the equation to see Jesus through me is my desire.


My influence is the Word of God, and the Holy Ghost sets me apart from all others by his annointing. My story is that I grew up in Indiana, and Kentucky throughout my childhood singing in church. I joined the marine corps after high school and started writing and singing secular r&b, soul, and hip hop music. I had the opportunity to open up in concert for some major acts, and pursued the music career for seven strong years traveling and performing in different cities, with my site on being the #1 artist on the billboard charts with the ability to do just that. In 2004, after witnessing my best of friends laying almost lifeless in the hospital I realized that the calling the Lord had for me was not for me, but to bless Jesus through whatever means possible. So now I am a light in this dark and dying world to show that there is freedom in being separate from sin.



Set List

Lead by the Spirit of God on what songs to sing, and how to sing them.