John Cannizzaro

John Cannizzaro

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA



New Orleans native, John Cannizzaro has been performing live for over 20 years throughout the world. As an innovative, folk-roots, artist and songwriter, John has brought an approachability to the music that he writes, that has been warmly received by an array of different cultures, and ages.  As a solo performer, John's powerful vocal styles and guitar melodies win the hearts of crowds, through a very real purity, and an undeniable honest quality in both the music and the way he connects with audiences. Currently residing in Bangkok, TH, John is frequently in New Orleans and several other cities internationally, performing and recording.
Working with some of Honolulu's most accomplished concert promoters and musicians, in 2008 John collaborated on a project, headlining one of Oahu's largest music festivals, with attendance well in excess of 20,000 people, launching a full on New Orleans revue. This project consists of some of the finest musicians in the world, including Troy Millard, formerly of the Al Green Band, Bobo Butires of War, Darryl Pellegrini, of Chuck Mangione, and David Choy of The Doobie Brothers, among five other highly accomplished musicians. The event was enormously successful, after eight consecutive years, it has become an annual event for the act, appropriately named Delta Skelta.  


Life By The Coconuts
Searchin for a Rainbow
Voodoo Waters
Louisiana Rain,
and many more

Set List

Setlists can be custom tailored for events, or chosen by the Musical Director. They can comprise both original music and covers. Sets run from 30- 90 minutes.
Minimum 1 set, Maximum 3 sets per performance, Maximum 2 performances per day.

Also available is a full hour and a half, New Orleans review, from 5-9 peices depending on your requirements.