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Sex, drugs, guns, violence and misogyny. These all make up the negative concept that the hip-hop culture has placed in the minds of their audience today. This is the visual era we now live in and kids are affected by visual images more than anything else. Communities, generations and legacies suffer because of what the negative visualizations in our society portray.

John Christian is a new up and coming talent that will take the music industry by storm. With his positive, economic, social and spiritual approach a new phase of entertainment is ready to take over and ready for war!!! The states “Rap sales have declined 21 percent from 2005 to 2006. It appears that the umpteenth drug-dealing anthem, chest-pounding boast, gun-play recount or soft-core, booty-bouncing music videos, has finally, gotten stale.”
Seems to me that our society now thirsts for something more. They thirst for something fresh, hip, clean, positive and real. That’s what John Christian is all about.

Hip-hop recording artist/producer John Christian has always believed that music, in addition to being the language of the soul, is and should be managed as a business. Hence, through this music business background and experience now evolves a businessman-entertainer with wisdom, excellent creative judgment, confidence and shining talent. John Christian is a well-qualified music artist who will move forward in accomplishing the countless projects already envisioned and waiting to be clothed in reality.

Mr. Christian has always had a strong love for the music industry, especially hip-hop. Though he possessed a deep love for the industry he could do without the negative lyrics and lifestyles that are usually associated with the art form. John considers himself a Positive/Social/Political/Spiritual/Economic hip-hop artist, producer, songwriter and businessman/entrepreneur. He offers comprehensive music without the vulgar language, or pessimistic messages. In the last 5 years, John's performing career consists of appearances within the United States, including Connecticut, New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, Boston and Atlanta. These involved on-stage performances as well as radio, appearances.

John is a visionary, entrepreneur and accomplished entertainer-executive. He is an Atlanta recording artist who has written and produced 1 album, recorded and produced over 15 songs. John has been creatively producing his own music and writing his own lyrics since the age of thirteen. He attended Hartford Conservatory in Hartford,CT to further his music theory, music production and music recording knowledge. He also attended IAR (Institute of Audio research) in New York City to extend his music and audio production skills and understanding in the business of music, during which time he enhanced his personal friendship repertoire and established a valuable contact base with many performers and their companies. John recently received his certificate of completion from the widely acclaimed business program E.D.N (Entrepreneur Development Network) where he has also widely developed in his business/entrepreneurial skills.

The future of John Christian is very bright and he has so much to offer to an industry that is in need of moral clarity. His consumers are thirsting for something fun that is beneficial, meaningful and impacting. That's what John is all about, to transform and empower people through entertainment.