John Cody

John Cody

 Huxley, Iowa, USA

My inspiration comes from the things that have played a substantial role in trials and victories of life along with paradigms that I struggle with. I hope my music will direct listeners away from pitfalls and towards life's beauty while asserting the strength of the human will despite our frailties.


Influenced primarily by Mumford & Sons, Hey Marseilles, and The Decemberists, along with the styles of Laura Marling and The Nick Tree Band, I aim to make music that is both though-provoking and liberating; austere and sincere; intense yet subtle; revealing yet equivocal.

I love words, so I take the lyrics of my songs seriously and write them very intentionally. I then work on the instrumentation until it elicits the emotion I wish to convey. I do this so it will always be dear to myself and so I can always play with fervor and soul.


Watch the Sky

Written By: Cody Kowalik

We'll be sure to fair the storm the heavy sky has thundered in
you have the choice to take my hand or you can choose to go alone.

I don't know where you'll go, but I hope that its with me...with me

When we dodge the lightning with our love, though we hear our echoes fill the sky

We'll watch as it turns the sky ablaze and we'll watch as it turns the sky ablaze, ablaze.

And in the ash where beauty once thrived,
the sober view will quell our joy.
But it won't break our bond, we're far too enthralled.
And very soon we'll see beauty emerge from where we though it died.

And even if we're buried low, one day we'll open our eyes, and if we end up far apart, our spirits have been together since the day

When we dodged the lightning with our love, when we heard our echoes fill the sky.
Now we'll dodge the lightning once again, and we'll hear a voice, triumphant, rise.

We'll watch as the world is overcome, and we'll know it won't dissipate our love.
We'll be the only who anticipate what comes.

Set List

1. Winter Winds (Mumford & Sons cover)
2. Stars in Our Eyes
3. Valley of Thorns
4. We Will Last
5. Note to the Future
6. Black Cloud Raining (My Skies)
7. Watch the Sky (Dodge the Lightning)
8. Victory in My Hands