John Cole

John Cole


I'm an 18 year old songwriter from London, England.


I record all my songs on a 4-track recorder in my bedroom.

My greatest influences are the people who make up my life.


If For Love

Written By: John Cole

If for love of truth I'll venture,
where I can share my mind.
If it never lasts forever,
then i'll put my faith in time.
Because heaven knows i'll never lose this love,
and i'll swallow all the pain thereof.
Would you help me all the same
for love?
To discover truth it takes two.
If you talk i'll sympathize.
We'll embrace that which is between,
all that fills our hearts with life.
Because yesterday is all that fills my mind
and the outlook of today thereof.
Would you ever feel the same
for love?
When love beckons to you, join me.
You'll define its avenues.
Should you open your eyes to see,
you'd behold no solitude.
Though the wave of words forever holds our dreams,
there comes the following rain thereof.
would you want me to refrain
for love?

A Summer About Nothing

Written By: John Cole

We saved the moment,
now night supersedes.
Resolve displaced by
the obscurity.
Velveteen reasons
and copious lies.
The truth defeats me
a sixpence a time

If you steal my heart,
Leave my mind.
When you take my love,
Let me find a way inside.

She falters to me
with harlequin eyes.
Her lucid afterglow
seemed perfectly timed.
A pearl bound necktie
attached to the gates.
But her stagecoach ramble
deeply resonates.

If you steal my heart,
Give your time.
So don't take my love
And decide it's all you want.

Words Of Love

Written By: John Cole

I'll be there, my words will follow (x 3)

If you Let me hold you, let me show you the way i feel.
Don't deny it, justify all the words i mean.
The day we met I loved you, so now I'll try to tell you it's still true, it's you
All I want is your touch.
There's nobody but you.

I'll be there, my words will follow (x 3)

If you let me save you, captivate you the way you do.
Don't defy it, just admire it the way i do, the way i cherish you.
Open your heart to listen, I'll make you proud to tell them that it's true, me and you
All I want is your heart.
There's nobody but you.

I'll be there, my words will follow (x 3)


I'm unsigned, although I've written a ton of songs.

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