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John Condrone


Award Winning Dove & Grammy Nominated Songwriter

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You Are My Melody

Written By: John Condrone

You Are My Melody

Baby, when I’m holding you and I look into your eyes
I hear the music playing on and on
Mmmm, that’s when I realize
You’re every part I write in every song

Baby, when I’m touching you and you brush against my skin
I feel the rhythm of your heart
That’s when I hear that song in my mind again
Grab my pen and then the music starts

Baby, you are my melody
When I write my songs you’re all that I can feel
And, the words flow so easily
Deep inside my heart to yours
You are my melody

With every little kiss every word I miss just falls in place
You make me feel complete
I grab my pen and once again
You make the music start to breathe

©2012; John Condrone (865) 233-4877