John Cook

John Cook


I am a guitar player that writes songs, primarily in an acoustic folk-blues format. I am known for my finger picking style, with subtle use of tapping, harmonics and the occasional effects. My songs have creative lyrics and perfomances are alive with energy and passion.


I was originally a versitile drummer, able to play many rythym types and playing with many original players. My interest in original music and feel of a percussionist have been a big factor in my development as an acoustic player. I have been influenced by acoustic guitar players who are creative on the fretboard, able to be "interesting" in their playing all by themselves. Michael Hedges, Peter Mulvey, Kelly Jo Phelps being some of my acoustic player influences. I also have to add the influence of several friends who while not world known players each contributed in their own way as well as Frank "Learn or die" Carlier, an instructor who helped me put it all together as a personal style


2002, Self Titled release "Cook and Greene" with Robin Greene-currently a solo performer in Wisconsin.
2004 Solo release, Out of the Basement
2007 Solo release, Nothing More to Say.
'Out of the Basement' and "Nothing More To Say' currently available on iTunes, CD Baby and many other internet sites.

Set List

Set lsits vary depending on the venue: one 45 minute set will generally consist of the most popular of a collection of original songs from all three CD's. If this is a set with good audience attention, they will get a good dose of crowd pleaser playing. A two-set (45 minutes each) is an extension of that with a couple covers from my "Obscure Covers list", if it feels right. In a three set show, I continue this format; 45 minute sets, mostly originals a few covers (may include Stevie Ray Vaugh, JJ Cale, John Prine, Lyle Lovette, and my brother Ronnie)