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John Crist

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Perfoming and writing music that is honest and catchy, John Crist is a musician that is talented at bringing in others to feel what he feels and relate to what he experiences. His lyrics are genuine and his music draws you in.


Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, John Crist plays songs that deal with loss, love, spirituality, hope and dissapointment. He doesn't shy away from being honest with his listeners about his failures and successes. When playing live, he focuses on entertaining the crowd, telling stories, making people laugh and feel a wide arrange of emotions.


Frisco (Tell Me How)

Written By: John Crist

It's raining but not where you are
and it's so cloudy but you're wishing on a star
that's pulling down on you
Whispering all that's gone and left you here

Do you miss me? Lying in your room
Is it still empty? Or have you made it home?
Do you hear my voice, coming through the telephone?

Because you've been running away
and I am on my knees

So tell me, how does it feel?
When there's no one around you
and you're waiting for something
to come and save you
and tell me, how does it feel?
When there's so much behind you
and you've fallen so easily
again and again

It's so constant, though nothing here's the same
It's like a child that boarded the wrong plane
and only smiled, when he noticed that the weather had changed

It's all I can do to know
that I'll soon be coming home
(Chorus 2)
Because you could always make me fall asleep with the songs you could sing to me, you would make me fall in love you
so tell me, how does it feel when there's so much behind you and you're waiting for something to come and save you?


John Crist- A Year's Worth
Released December 2004
Awaiting airplay.

Set List

Setlist depends on size and time alloted.
Typical 40-50 minute setlist.

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