John Cronin

John Cronin


Our style is a blend of pop/rock with lyrical content both right and left brain approved. It'll mean something the first time you hear it, but the more you dig the more you get. To assume it's about a guy and a girl would be like assuming "Forrest Gump" was about the mentally challenged.


Our group didn't just happen, it is perpetually happening. That is, we were a couple of guys that met each other through various sources usually revolving around the church. I (John) used to go to church with Jay's sister which lead to me to meeting Jay. He was in a latin/rock group in need of a bass player. I had been playing bass for a couple months so I figured as a "seasoned player" I'd be a shoe in. That was in 1997 and though that group fizzled out Jay and I have been playing together since. He and I were in a group called Ordinary People holding down the low end when we met a guy named Justin Francis. Aside from being one of my closest friends now and the man who recorded the tracks for the current project, Justin introduced me to Jason Chavez. This intro took place at the close of 2004 in a church, you may sense a theme here. All three of us love Jesus. to foot the issue would be cowardly. Shortly following that meeting I left to tour with an independent group. Through the course of my musical journey I'd been writing tunes for these groups and was left wanting more from the music and from the groove. Though I'd been allowed to travel and play with some amazing people I sensed I needed to put my own songs out with my own vibe. I started playing this local open mic and as people started to take notice I took a stab at bringing in some other players. Jason and Jay weren't my first choice simply because they had things that were already going on and couldn't commit to what I had planned. Though we never "officially" formed a group we did come together to do a gig here or a gig there and it was in those moments on stage that, I think, we really started to get that this was something that fit. We jumped in to the studio to begin work on the current project and in the midst of post production things fell through. So, without apologies, our current offering is the rough mix of the future of John Cronin music. My hope is that you catch the thread that runs through each song. Enjoy



Written By: john cronin

Release me, release me from this heart of hurt
Release me, release me from my confused world
You told me- told me that this day would happen --- unraveling
(I ) wasn’t ready to be alone

Easy to forget You’ve only taken
what, from You, took my attention
Your voice echoes across my distance
I can hear You now that (she’s ) gone

Is there any left? Is there any right
To a second coming of Your grace? Release this flood on me.

Receive me, receive me and forever hold me
Receive me, You ran to me while I was crawling
Restore me, restore the life that You’ve planned for me
Will You, be the center of my everything

60 words

Written By: john cronin

60 words is all I have to reach You.
Telling You how I feel, speechless

You take the words from my heart, I can't find them
Can't connect my thoughts to tell you,,

talking around subject at hand, you and me.
Maybe now you'll understand, indirectly

You're everything beautiful, transcendent
Wanted entirely. I'm faithfully committed, honestly

,, I'm yours if you'll have me.

Reach for me

Written By: john cronin

Have you ever stopped to think about this crazy thing called love?
How it makes you lose your mind with thoughts that keep running 'round in circles?

I've been curious, could you really be
bigger than imagination, close enough to see
why would you want to be with me?
I'm not so insecure, I just don't know how

You would ever step down
to reach for me
Amazed that you would love me, you lift me when I fall, you reach for me.

have you ever been brave enough
to say what you think what you feel when you know it'll fall on tone deaf ears?
or ever known a love that would love those tones of grey

Set List

Get It-
Stay on Your mind
Reach for me
Better Man
60 words
Open Wide Idol
sets are usually 30-60 minutes depending on the venue and often in one shot