John Crowe

John Crowe


This Neo Soul, Contemporary Gospel Music with a powerful message is sure to move your soul and lift your spirits.


It takes a village to raise a child. This ministry is still young and I need the support of a strong village to nuture it into what God would have it to be. Our purpose is to serve others and Glorify God. Helping one another and caring for the lost and hurt is what its all about. I want this ministry to stretch outside the four walls of the church. This ministry is designed to love on the ones that have been left behind and encourage those who have lost their way or faith. In order for any organization or ministry to survive you have to have a solid foundation of supporters. I know without a doubt that God has destined this ministry for great things but if no one knows about it how can it go forth. I am only one man but with your help we can be a nation. Your support and prayers for this ministry are greatly appreciated.
This ministry is designed to inspire those who are saved and to witness to those who are unsaved, in an effort to draw them closer to Christ. It's time for us as believers to bring Jesus to the world, instead boxing Him within the four walls of our churches. Through the years, gospel music has been a place of entertainment for the "saints". We have followed our own agenda's. We have focused more on "self" than God.


First Release - John Crowe - You Gotta Work (Independent)
Current tracks in rotation are Found Someone, and You Gotta Work

Set List

Typically I do four to five songs from the album depending on the venue. All songs are original. Depending on the move of God some covers may be incorporated.