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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Wicked dudes with crafty senses of rhythm. The whole outfit is called John Doe Reunion. Apparently, artists hidden away at small drinking holes have acclaimed this band critically. Shut-ins, alcoholics, malcontents, even poets must admit that their music doesn't suck.

The songs are still the songs, but now... they are ready to emerge again, as a chrysalis unwinds itself. Anger still defines them, but now it's more of a terrible beauty. A sonic infosession replete with complementary irish coffee. The ears are always ready for what is new. The ears can hear. They whisper: this is new: this is good.
- Charles Anthony of CKCU Radio

"Very Cool"

Hey dude, just checked out your band, very cool. It should be a fun
Cactus - Cactus, The Sinking Ships

"great f@#kin' music...."

Hey man,
Just listened to some of your songs... F@#kin' great.
The Shifters - The Shifters


Hey! Just listened to your stuff…VERY COOL! It’s so nice to see that there is another band around here that understands the concept of Punk Rawk!

We seriously have to do a show together!

- Scott Williams

"really good rock concert"

Hey guys!

Friday at the Hard Rock Café on Crescent street!

The John Doe Reunion is playing, these guys give a really good rock
concert. I highly recommend it.

Mathieu McC - Mathieu McC

"sound great..."

How are ya!?
Was nice playing with you guys last year at Barrymore's. THe tracks on your site sound great.Take it easy and tell the guys in the band Scarecrows say Hello!

Ger - Scarecrows


Hey, you guys are pretty kickass...... bringin' back the old school punk rock sound is just the antidote we need.....keep up the good work! you should come tour in the states someday.

Your fellow rocker, Alex. - fellow rocker, Alex.

"should hear this kinda sound..."

hey guys, thanx for inviting me to check u guys out. Your sound is very kinda old skool which we dont have around like we used to, and the younger generations should hear this kinda sound cuz it roxs stay awesome, and id luv to hear from u guys,

luv-krys(States) - luv-krys(States) (fan)

" guys rock hard."

Love your guys rock hard.

Silver Needle (us band)

- Silver Needle (us band)


John Doe Reunion (2004)
6 song E.P.

Lost Impressions (2006)
new 7 song E.P.


Feeling a bit camera shy


John Doe Reunion brings three lost souls together at the crossroads of the Ottawa-Montreal paradox. Drifting in on rafts, each band memberfloats in, haunted by some internal melody. Through music, they are able to see things only the deranged, or perhaps the Friday night drinking crowds, would admit to.
But they take this madness into their living rooms and jam them down to subdue the happiness and rage which grows in them as they gaze upon this world.
Giving musical statements that are sometimes rock with amusement and catchyness to sometimes harder songs with questions and a healthy dose of sarcasm. All, of course, never passionless.

Playing bass, instead of being the guitar magician, Jimmy likes El Moroccan breakfasts, being hard to catch up to, his English soccer and French women. How many chords he has strummed, and still he's waiting for that perfect musical moment, short of becoming Mr. Coltrane incarnate.

Then there's Denis, on an endless quest for drumming and other types of satisfaction, seeking also to understand the illogical ramblings of his fellow citizens throught the labyrinths of rhythm. Having traveled half the world already with various people, including Le Cirque Du Soleil, he will continue to travel far.

And me, Daniel, the author of this episode, wanting to get the plot just right, where the guy gets the girl in the end and saves the drowning dog, inspiring the disenfranchised to tip the bowl over in the process. Trying, through the orchestrations of melody, words in particular orders, and beats, now fast, now in syncopation, to angrily and tenderly play over the din of life's traffic, while filling himself with spirits and with spirit.

We three offer you some of our time, and ask for some of yours. And hope the minutes we share are not wasted, as the eternal clock ticks off each second, somewhere in a closed room; where the sun and moon rise and set, in blazing glory, until the end of all time.

Where a John Doe is finally granted a proper name, and assuming his rightful identity, is called to his final Reunion.