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John Done


Beer in a flute

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Live Slow Die Old

Written By: John Done

I met a beautiful girl in a bar
She had blonde streaks in her hair
She asked me if I was a vegetarian
I said yeah, kind of …

I live off of olives and cocktail onions … and whiskey
You know it comes from corn
I live off of vodka which comes from potatoes
And wine … which comes from grapes … and rum

Where does rum come from?
Rum comes from sugar cane
Tequila comes from some prickly little thing
Gin comes from some crazy berry
I can’t remember its name

She said you don’t sound like a real vegetarian
You sound more like a drunk
And that’s not healthy
I said I know, you don’t have to tell me
But let me ask you …
On your tombstone will it read … lived slow died old?
And will you leave a beautiful blonde streaked memory?