John Dory's music is a dynamic mixture of electric Rock, Blues and Funk. Each member of the band brings in there own unique sound and style, and the Music is the result!


The John Dorys story starts in late October 06 in the suburb of Northbridge. Three house mates (Jan Bangma, Nic Cartwright and Mat Thompson), (mates from high school) thought it was time to stop messin about and form a band. As the 3 had already lived together for a few months before hand, they were all experienced in jamin casually in the house.
During this time the trio wrote a few funky tunes and established some understanding about each others song writing techniques. A few weeks went by and one night the 3 decided to have a little gathering. One of the people who happen to turn up was Alex Moss(also a friend from high school). After a loose late night jam session the trio became a fourpiece. Although Alex did not live with the band, he pretty much became a full time resident at the band house, which gave the 4 piece plenty of time to create some sounds. Another few weeks past and the band got offered a gig (with one days notice) at Alex's best mate Kieran Neeson's 21st Birthday. The only thing that John dory was missing was drums. Everyone raided their phonebooks for a drummer and Jan came across Zen's name (suprise suprise another friend from high school) Jan called Zen and said "Hey man, what've you been up to the last three years? Want to do a gig tonight?" Zen was keen and showed up at Northsydney RSL where the party was to be hosted. The group had no songs prepared, so jammed to blues tunes and did a few impro funk songs. Half way through the set Kieran's dad Doc Neeson got up and did a few numbers with the group. Impressed with Zen's drumming skills he was invited into the band that night, and now the group are writing and recording as much as possible.


E.P- Late nights and good times 2007

Featuring: Comin On, Body and soul, lady long legs, Hit Down, Shadow Cat.

Set List

Comin On
Hit Down
Red House blues (Jimi Hendrix)
Shadow Cat
Lady long legs
Don't be shy
Body and soul