John Dull

John Dull


Thought provoking folk - incisive original lyrics - beautiful harmonies support strong melodies. Some foot stompers.


John Dull's path down the folk road was born in the activist 60's as a fan and performer. A college football player, John's interests took him to extreme ends of life's spectrum, and the media took interest. Building on wide press coverage, John and his wife, Helen, created a production agency that hosted top names in folk and country in metro NY/NJ. John's performing career developed simultaneously, putting him on stage with many national artists. John has released 3 albums to good review. Fluency in Russian language allows John to perform some folk tunes in Russian. John often appears with Floyd Vivino, of NBC's "Uncle Floyd Show" fame.


CD - Long Road To Home - 2005
CD - Passin' By Nashville - 2002
cassette tape - Originalz - 1995
radio play on the CDs around the US

Set List

16 Tons
Nonsense Reel - original
There But for Fortune
Russian folk song - The Bell - in Russian
The Little Man
Passin By Nashville - original
Long Road to Home - original
Dreamer - original
= 40 minutes