John Ehrhart

John Ehrhart


I am a mystic philosopher catholic buddhist peacemaker, and a songwriter who is convinced that the act of sharing music with other people is not only noble, it is also an act of Great Love.


My influences are Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Lennon, McCartney & Harrison, Phil Ochs, Pete Townsend, and Blind Blake.

I tend toward poetic philosophy, and integral psychology influenced lyrics. I like writing love songs, but it's fourth on my list of topics. The act of song creation and performance is love.

I am a land surveyor who has found my way to a life commited to the service of others. I am a certified peacemaker. I teach meditation classes at prisons and jails, and I offer unique relationship coaching to divorced families.

I am not out to change the world, just my own perception of it, and hopefully I will have a loving impact on those that I encounter.