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America, I Miss You So

Written By: John Eidsvoog

I remember how it used to be,
all the things you really meant to me.
No one told me, I just somehow knew
that you loved me and I loved you, too.

Then I noticed something wasn't right.
No it didn't happen overnight.
Over time it seems you didn't care
that we were driven to despair.

America, I miss you so.
Where did all our good days go?
I won't give up, I still believe
that once again we can achieve
the greatness that our fathers brought the world,
and together once again, once again we'll make you great.

No, I haven't lost my love for you.
Can you really say the same is true?
When you're selfish it just makes me sad.
Help me find the greatness we once had.

Tell me, how did I lose your respect?
How did we come to this disconnect.
We'll have peace if we just do our part
and show the world we have a heart.


I miss you so, America...America.