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John Eric Booth

Hollywood, California, United States | SELF

Hollywood, California, United States | SELF
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Alive & Swinging - 2009



He yields the energy of a rock concert, and the presence and charm of an old-school tv personality... while embracing the charisma, swagger and precision of a passionate singer of the great standards, all at the same time. On all levels... it comes straight from the heart.

Meet John Eric Booth. Singer, entertainer, radio personality, producer, writer, dad and lover of life.

With a recent acclaimed headlining performance in New York City, including a surprise performance for a standing room only crowd at the legendary New York Friars' Club which drew anxious listeners in from neighboring rooms... it is CLEAR that John Eric Booth is reaching the world with a vibe of pure joy for the Great American Songbook.

"I want to bring the party back to the genre. If there is ever a time to inject a lighthearted vibe into life and society... that time is now. We take ourselves much too seriously. Let's face it... this music is TOTAL COOL. It puts a smile on your face and warms your soul, and I am glad to be of service (grinning). THIS is what I do. This infectious swinging sound is with me all day long. It’s not just what I do onstage… it’s a LIFESTYLE. I live it, breathe it, love it."

J-E-B notes Dean Martin as a major influence. “I am without a doubt influenced by Sinatra from a precision aspect. I constantly aspire to reach that level of precision as a singer, but Dean Martin influences me as a ‘personality’ and entertainer. I love the “fun” that he brought to the venue. He was interested IN his audience… he wasn’t wrapped up in BEING interesting. Know what I mean? I find that very appealing, and that best suits ME as a person… my fans seem to like that too!”

He notes that years back, growing up in the small town of Wayne, West Virginia, he would have never imagined shining on the great classic crooners with such loving verve. "In my teens in the 1980s, the only thing I could associate Dean (Martin) and Sammy (Davis) with was that they starred in the movie "Cannonball Run". Can you believe that? And these days they, and others like Mel Torme, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Johnny Hartman, Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones, Tony Bennett, Steve Lawrence and Nat King Cole are with me every single day. It kind of saddens me that I missed out on their music for so many years.

"About 2 years ago, I was performing in Los Angeles and an older lady at the show expressly stated 'You remind me of a young Steve Lawrence'. Folks, I will definitely run with that!"

However, a modern flair is paramount with Booth as well. "While the music is timeless, it HAS changed to some degree. It is possible to tweak it with a new coat of paint and stay true to it simultaneously. When I have reached a listener in their teens and twenties, and I HAVE... I consider that a great achievement."

Hanging out with a few mentors doesn't hurt either. John Eric developed a fast friendship with respected bandleader and musical mentor Pat Longo in Hollywood, CA. "Pat has been there. He has lived it, and has taught me so much. I love him and love working with him. I want to work with him more and look forward to that. I get out to Hollywood as much as possible."

Another mentor that J-E-B enthusiastically emphasizes is a gentleman in England named Billy Michaels. "Back in the 1960s, Billy was quite the pop star in parts of Europe. He has been a wonderful mentor of song and performance, and a terrific life coach as well. I am very thankful that he has been so generous and always ready to lend a hand to my efforts. I love him dearly."

He studies from the greats... and it's clear on his debut album "Alive & Swinging!" The songs on the CD run the gamut. 15 TRACKS! From the old-school-crooning opener “I Love You”… then on to Booth’s appreciation of the fairer sex on the songs “Wives and Lovers” and “Girl Talk” (which delivers a taste of Booth’s soulful side) and the solidly swinging “They’ll Be Some Changes Made”, “More”, “Mack The Knife” and the album closer “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You”. Throw in the joyful lament of “I Got Plenty Of Nothin”, then finding fortune within “Pennies From Heaven”, the dusty travels on “Road To Mandalay”, the raw jazz of “When Your Lover Has Gone” and the finger-snapper “Steppin’ Out With My Baby” and you’ve got an album that is indeed enjoyed and sung along with from beginning to end!

While a devoted study of the Great American Songbook, the influence of music from the 60s, 70s and 80s is always with him as well. "Without a doubt, my history in pop music has indeed played a positive role in crafting my standards voice into what it is today. I think it's helpful to have some exposure to variously music styles. There are many that deserve appreciation on various levels."

Producing a weekly one-hour radio program called "Swinging Songbook" which can be heard online via has become another outlet for J-E-B to shine more love on the music. "I have full control for one hour. I pick t