John Erikson

John Erikson


Live acoustic performer, singer, songwriter, solo project on recorded cd. Plays most of the instruments, sang all vocals, and wrote all music and lyrics.


John Erikson is a solo performer, who has been playing live in New England for almost twenty years. He is recognized for his extremely strong vocals, for years covering everybody in rock from AC DC to ZZ Top, as well as funk, hip hop and R & B tunes. His influences include Staind, Fuel, Creed, Three Doors Down, and in particular, Chris Cornell.

John finally recorded a CD of his own music from 2003 - 2005, with producer Alex Krepkikh in Providence, RI, which is a collection of songs he had written over the last ten years. These songs are based on personal experiences and relationships, and his debut release is being met with high praise, as well as getting great reception at the live performances. These songs vary from acoustic ballads to hard, blues-edged rock tunes, featuring John's very unique and strong voice.


All You Need 2005
Tracks have been played on local radio stations, including 94 WHJY in Providence ( as well as streaming tracks available at

Set List

Live performances range from solo acoustic perfomances, with a blend of covers and original material, including Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Fuel, and others, as well as a rock and roll show that includes top 40, hip hop and classic 80's rock tunes.