John Evans Band

John Evans Band


"It's hard to imagine that the John Evans Band could rock any more, but that's the case on the band's new album, Ramblin' Boy. Check out JEB's raucous mix of roots and rockabilly -- with a little bit of punk, natch. A man with a kickass sound — and kickass hair, we might add. " - Houston Press


“It’s just rock and roll.”

That’s what John Evans says when asked about his music. The John Evans band definitely is straight up rock and roll. A Texas mainstay for as long as anyone can remember, Evans has been a constant source for re-invention with each new musical outing he takes.

2006 sees the release of Ramblin’ Boy, an eclectic collection of songs where no two are anything remotely alike. “What might be perceived as a weakness is that we can’t describe what we are doing.” Evans adamantly states.

One who prides himself on his constant ability to express himself and current state of mind through his music, Evans counts a myriad of early influences among those that reflect on Ramblin’ Boy. From The Cars, Queen and early Motley Crue to Adam Ant, The Ramones and Billy Idol, the music behind Ramblin’ Boy is ignorant of any modern influence but the hints of yore can most definitely be felt. Evans also notes “I’m more of a songwriter than a rock band,” and here’s why.

Having grown up in a military family with a strict life regimen, John Evans spent the better part of his days losing himself in an alternative reality called music. It’s was this ability to give himself to the song and to the story that invoked Evans’ path to take the “dreamer’s approach” and try to write about something that’s been written before but with a new perspective.

As a songwriter, John Evans credits the likes of Elvis Costello and Buddy Holly as those he most resonates with. Vocally, his expression has a very “Southern” thing about it where the phrasing and style is effortlessly and similarly based in an old crooner style, akin to that of Elvis Presley. This fine blend of influences has produced one of the most uniquely different and inspiring modern performers of our time.

While each of John Evans' projects have steered farther away from his country roots, there is always a hint to be found in the vocals and in the story but the music, now that’s where the fresh high energy comes bursting in like a big steel locomotive.

Evans calls it “Thinking mans punk” because his songs are high energy rock but lyrically intelligent. And the four major elements of this band must be seen to be believed. Alongside Evans is guitarist Jake Campbell who lists Slash among his great influences and it shows with his arena rock guitar solos constantly taking the crowd by storm. Bassist Mikey Ferrara, a multi-instrumentalist in his own right, earned his chops in the Pop Punk realm on the Warped Tour, and drummer Mike Lewis aka "Razz", is a respected alum of a myriad of metal bands, most notably Helstar.

There is no doubt that this is a rock band but a rock band like no other. The boys have been relentlessly building on their loyal fan base while touring throughout most of 2005 from Nebraska to Arizona to New York. John Evans has won numerous consecutive Houston Press awards with Musician of the Year, Best Male Vocalist (5x) and Best Songwriter among them and consistently commands his loyal state of Texas. With a solid set such as Ramblin’ Boy, there is no doubt that this band will accomplish even greater things in 2006.


Biggest Fool In Town - 1998
Out of Control - 2002
Circling The Drain - 2004
Ramblin' Boy - 2006

Set List

Typical set list looks something like this:

Diamonds Gold and Pretty Things
Everything's OK
Long Way Home
Whiskey Tango
So Long
Understanding Jane
Wishing Well
House of Cards
Swattin Flies
Love Conquers All
Hank and a Harley
Out of Control
Five Seconds at a Time
Tumbling Down
Fast Lane
Honky Tonks of Old

Covers can include:

Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
Everything Goes - The Cramps
I'm On Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis
Honey Don't - Carl Perkins
Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly
Understanding Jane - Icicle Works

and a ton of various Johnny Cash...AMEN

and much more