John Fair

John Fair


A Singer/Songwriter inspired by great singers and great songwriters. When backed into a corner, John Fair rolls up on you with an infusion of rock, blues, country and folk blended together for your listening pleasure.


Inspired by the likes of James Taylor, Syd Barret, and Boss himself, John Fair will not be put into a box – a bag maybe, but a box no way.


Three in the morning

Written By: John Fair

Staring at those eyes
Looking back at me
Some kind of sweet surprise
Hey, I thought I’d never see
Watching the world, unfold
Watching you stare, stare at my window

Some kind of speeding train
Some kind of whirling world
Brought you to me
At three in the morning girl
What part of our story
Has yet to be told
What brought you here tonight
To stand out side my window

Some kind of cold rain
Some kind of half healed scar
Just got over the pain
And there you are
All alone, in the middle of the night
Standing there baby, in the lonely street light
Was it a cold winter dream, was it the early snow
Places we’ve been, or people we know
Was it the sight of my ghost, condemned to roam
What made you come to me baby
What made you come to my window

Don't lead me on tonight

Written By: John Fair

When you reach down in your soul
Only to find that it’s been lost
And that street that’s paved in gold
Is really nothing more than dust
When you walk along the shadows
Searching for something you can touch
The chance to last a lifetime
A hear that you can trust

You might not save my hallo
But you might just save my life
I don’t mean to be ungrateful
And I hope this comes out right
Don’t lead me on tonight

Well I’ve been picking up the pieces
Of what used to be my heart
And the more I try to fix it
The more it comes apart
And never look in to a mirror
Unless you’re sure you won’t get caught
What you see might bring you nearer
To a face that you forgot

So if you see me in a streetlight
Or through the window of some bar
Doing everything to keep tight
Than before you go to far
You might not save my hallo…..