John Floridis

John Floridis

 Missoula, Montana, USA

"First and foremost, I am a musician. I love the sound of an acoustic guitar in it’s most naked form, but I also love the sound of it plugged in and feeding back. I want to captivate people with all the components of my music- the vocals, the words and the pure manipulation of sound.”


John Floridis is a Missoula, Montana based guitarist, singer-songwriter and composer. He has been a resident in the "Big Sky" since 1993 having moved there from the strong shouldered, down-but-never-out city of Cleveland, Ohio. He has released 7 recordings mixing bluesy, folk-rock vocal tunes with adventurous solo acoustic guitar compositions. His most recent recording is “Live From 11th and Grant”, the soundtrack from his Northwest Emmy Award winning performance for the program of the same name produced on Montana PBS. The album features John in a trio setting with bassist John Sporman and drummer Ed Stalling. John has also released two seasonal recordings "December's Quiet Joy" and “The Peaceful Season.”

He has been named Missoula's best musician by the Missoula Independent and performed in the Western region for over a decade. John has been featured in performances at the Targhee Fest, The Crown of the Continent Festival, The Festival of Sandpoint and at the Gorge Amphitheater. He has performed with artists as diverse as Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Derek Trucks, Leon Russell, Patty Griffin, Richard Thompson, and Bruce Cockburn.

John is also the producer and host of Musician's Spotlight for Montana Public Radio and a former Registered Music Therapist.

John Floridis performs, solo and in trio form, with guitar, vocals and sometimes manipulated, sampled and looped sounds.



Written By: John Floridis

I'm thankful for all that you've done
I'm thankful for all that's yet to come
I'm thankful for you believing in me
I'm thankful for you seeing what you see in me.
I'm thankful

I'm grateful for not being where I was
I'm grateful for all that she does
I'm grateful for the softness of her skin
I'm grateful for her doing it again
I'm grateful

I'm humbled by the wind in the trees
I'm humbled by the weakness in my knees
I'm humbled when I'm alone in the wilderness
I'm humbled by the power I confess, I confess
I'm humbled