John Gerard

John Gerard

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

John Gerard has the vocal power and range of Martin Sexton and provocative songwriting like Ani Difranco. His music ranges from R&B grooves to urban narratives. John also displays a collection of body art which is in process.


Recently, John Gerard picked up his acoustic guitar and embarked on a journey to tell the only story he knew, his own.

Born in Paris, France, John grew up listening to Billy Joel, The Police, and Serge Gainsbourg, "the dirty mouth of French pop". He moved to Massachusetts in the late 70’s and was introduced to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Minor Threat, and Iron Maiden. These new sounds inspired John to form a band at fourteen. After fronting various other bands he is now a solo musician.

Recently, he has earned his living playing the streets & subways of Boston and Cambridge, selling thousands of his CD’s. His stage and street presence is compelling and people often let their bus and train pass by to hear John’s next song. He his powerful voice and accessible lyrics connect with those who listen.

John has heard many times, that famous line from Billy Joel’s Piano Man, “Man, what are you doing here?”

Out on the streets is where John is building his audience. He recently sold a song to an HBO producer who said, “I have never stopped to listen to a street performer in my life.”

Mary Gauthier said, " John Gerard's songs are real. Raw. Honest. Pure. And what a singer he is, what a beautiful voice. His new CD What Lies Between is a lovely, highly listenable body of work. Steve Rapson did a fine job producing this record. It sounds fantastic, it sounds like John. Accessible, pure, unpretentious."

Tom Driscoll, a local venue manager said, “This guy has a voice that will blow you outta your seats! Powerful. John doesn’t give casual performances.”



Written By: John Gerard


She tries to steady her hand
Long enough to hold her last dollar bill
She inhales with haste leaves nothing to waste
It’s the only way she knows to glow
Sometimes it is all that you’ve got
Memories dangled over your heart
She closes her eyes and she pretends
It’s the only way to make amends

This is ain’t love baby
No, this is where the streetlights fade to black
For fifty dollars I can be
Who ever you want
I can be who ever you like
I can be your fantasy

She quietly unzips his jeans
Neon acrylics drag across his skin
He closes his eyes as she takes him all in
She forgets the floor will dig in her knees
Slowly the night will unfurl
Dreams will rise to the ceiling with nowhere to turn
She always makes sure that her windows are closed
‘cause only fools hang on to hope

She kneels by the bed
Her face to heavy for her hands
Somebody up there hear me when I say
I just want find a safe place
A safe place to land

She rolls a five like a straw
And she inhales without flaw
But that morning Cloe took a little too much
And she never again…….
Woke up


Written By: John Gerard

Hey Alicia
Desperation in moderation
Is being happy when he calls
Even if it’s only once in while

Hey Alicia
Evaluation of your emotions
Is knowing you’ve allowed
Him to want you when he desperately needs to smile

Sometimes love is…
A heavy wave on a withered storm
Sometimes love is…
Freedom to let him go
Sometimes love is
A callous word and nothing more

Hey Alicia
No conditions has limitations
What else could you have done
To let him know you’d hope he stick around

Hey Alicia
Isolation into aggravation
Baby girl you deserve so much more
Than all those tears you let yourself cry

You will be all right
Yeah I know you’ll be all right

Hey Alicia
Revelation from innovation
There’s no tragedy
Being the strongest leaf on a hollow tree

The Only One

Written By: John Gerard

I will warn you If you choose to get this close
Nothing good will come of this
Whatever I take you come
Will be an empty promise by the break of dawn

I don’t care if you lie to me
In a way I guess deep down I hope that you do
I just want to be the only one
You are lying to

Don’t you pretend like you could not see
This convenience of guarantee
This has always been
From the very start
A makeshift man
For your broken heart

I don’t care if you lie to me
In a way I guess deep down I hope that you do
I just want to be the only one
You are lying to

Say I am the only one
Say I am the only one

All these foolish games
We incessantly play
In the end they all end The same way
You’re begging me to leave I am dying for you to stay
There’s no love here Just a need to be saved



All The Right Words
What Lies Between
Let Me Be Here
available for download or CD at Nimbit and CD Baby

Set List

A mix of 75% originals and 25% covers.
Originals: Medicine; The Only One; Honey; Chloe; Broken; Alicia

Covers: Stand By Me; Running To Stand Still; America The Beautiful; Homeward Bound, Goddamn HIV by Mary Gauthier; Hurt by Nine Inch Nails; Wonderwall by Oasis ; ; Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab For Cutie