John Goose

John Goose


Great catchy lyrics, awesome hooks, in an acoustic rock blend.


John Adams' latest album "Dancing With Athena" has basically been in the works for the last four years. Very biopic in nature, the influences range from guys like Jack Johnson and Ben Harper to Clapton, and John Mayer. He met up with the new band in 2008 having already recorded an EP with Saul in 2006. What was next was a very different kind of sound by comparison of the EP. Jeremy Brady (formerly of "Daughtry") added a bit of an edge to the acoustic style, which boast well for performances. His solos on Dancing With Athena, and Naturally really make the songs distinct and unique. Josh and Saul both create a very tight pocket with small fills, but enough to display their talents. Tra Jones' delicate ear candy, and subtle piano melodies fill out the rest of sound.


Free From Me (EP, 2007)
Dancing With Athena (Full Length 2009)

Set List

Never Let Me Go
Free From Me
Waiting On The Sun
When They Both Came Down
Wish Them Well
What You Do
Dancing With Athena
Q & A
Heaven's Closer
Your Eyes

Anything Jack Johnson
Steal My Kisses