John Gordon

John Gordon


John Gordon is a Singer Songwriter from Australia. The songs and production cover the folk rock genres. BBC radio2 likened the work to Neil Young. Simply, the real songwriting deal... a unique voice of the future...


John Gordon is a singer/songwriter hailing from the small town of Allora in Southeast Queensland, Australia.
He first came to the attention of the Australian music fraternity when Wendy Matthews recorded his song Inexorably Yours on her multi platinum-selling Lily album. Then followed the release of his acclaimed Notre Dame CD. The song ‘Notre Dame’ was used in the feature film ‘RATS and CATS’ in 2008.
For the last 2 years he has been based in Germany wherefrom he has toured extensively through Europe and has recorded 2 albums – the critically acclaimed ‘ALIVE IN BORNHEIM’ (2008) and the soon-to-be-released (Nov 16 2009) SOUVENIR. The single off Alive in Bornheim ‘Time Will Tell’ was playlisted nationally on ABC radio in Australia and also garnered airtime on BBC Radio 2 and CBC radio Canada.

BBC2 Music Director Jeff Smith likened the work to Neil Young.

His songs are honest and powerful, whether ballad or rock, and his voice unique. He is simply the real deal – as evidenced by Courier Mail chief music writer Noel Mengel

‘Alive in Bornheim’ is one of a dozen quality songs on the album, all written, sung, played and recorded by Gordon during his German sojourn. Some take the traveller's point of view, like In a Strange Country, a piano ballad that wouldn't be out of place on a Randy Newman album’

… Gordon might not have the profile of Australian songwriters like Paul Kelly and Tim Freedman, but the evidence here shows that he deserves to.,23739,23967979-5003421,00.html

REFERENCE: To whom it may concern
I have known John Joseph Gordon since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Of thin build, he firstly took up piano, and then the guitar, at a young age, and showed promise right away. As a boy he sang and was successful in many an eisteddfod in neighbouring Warwick, under the watchful tutilage of music teacher, Mrs Morris. His interest in songwriting was stirred via contact with a procession of boarders his grandmother took in (all of whom worked at the local CBC bank and all of whom introduced the lad to their own favourite genre of music); her cottage being over the road from the family home. The Beatles 'Let It Be', a keepsake left behind by one of the aforementioned gents, remains his sentimental favourite album of all time. I have watched him grow into a fine musician and indeed I can vouch for him to be a man of exemplary character. I have no qualms in recommending him highly to your esteemed organisation. regards Max Perkins (editor) 
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'Souvenir' Album released November 2009.
'Alive in Borheim' Album released 2008. (goto itunes/amazon)
Notre Dame 1997.
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Set List

10 songs
40 mins.
Time Will Tell
In a Strange Country
Alive in Bornheim
White Dove Sail
Turn Me Around
Kiss of Life
Whatever It Takes
Holy war
Theys Goodbye