John Graham

John Graham

 Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA
BandWorldHip Hop

My music is meant to transcend barriers of race, religion, or political affiliation! I use words to bring about a positive balance. Deep lyrical content and precise delivery make me a unique artist among the masses. My music aims to inspire growth through self examination and introspective thought.


John Graham (Born John G. Graham Jr.) has been involved with music since 1996 when he first realized his gift of freestyle. Born in Phoenix Arizona and raised all over the country he has experienced many different regional cultures as well as musical styles. However, it wasn’t until he moved to the Philadelphia metro area in 1998 to attend Lincoln University that he would meet some of the most influential M.C.’s that would water the soil for his passion for music to grow.

He is not seeking to gain world-wide notoriety as the next big thing in entertainment. His motivation is pure and from a foundation of love and light. John’s intention is to create music that will open dialogue between all races, cultures, political affiliations, and beyond as we all must face issues that supersede any of the things that keep us divided. His smooth delivery and ability to speak to the inner being of his listener ensures that no matter what you look like on the outside, you will feel the power of a message that is nothing short of inspiring to the individual within!


Extra-Terrestrial Thoughts

Written By: John G. Graham Jr.


Welcome visitor I know we haven’t formally, been introduced face to face but maybe formerly

Hope you understand the difference between war and peace, ignore the example of my species in the scorching heat

Of the warring east, It’s so unappealing to the eye of the beholder sort of like a forgery

Now I see that we can dialogue, here’s a cell phone to call home if you need to get your dial on.

I got air time and minutes are on roll over. Plus I noticed that your vehicle hasn’t flown over

That’s ok you’re amongst the understanding that this is not the first case of an accidental landing.

Since we’re expanding at accelerated rates may I ask a couple questions that could benefit the race?

Are there other planets out there with people 9 to 5iving, or killing other people cause they’re texting while they’re driving

If there is then I guess you’ve seen it all, unless you’ve witnessed the consumerism at the local mall.

Have you witnessed other beings at the precipice of change, who could reach another level if they suddenly became

Aware of their power and stopped being afraid of everything received thru the antenna on their brain.

Was it you who built the pyramids I mean you seem kind of small but I guess I shouldn’t judge you by appearances (24)


This is hello. Tell me do you know, if our species can grow, beyond the status quo.
And although, you’re extra-terrestrial, we have much to show, and you’re so far from home


Did you visit the Atlanteans and help them with the plans, to build the crystal cities before the water overran

Are there 24 hour news cycles that only show the negative, is there politics and prejudice?

Are there traumatized veterans, addicted to the sedatives, prescribed to make them forget what the primary directive is?

Is there religion or a spiritual perception amongst the people of your planet looking for connection?

Or looking for direction, either one I’m sure there someone in the power structure focused on deception.

Are there diseases in your population affecting kids who copulating, before they’re old enough to even hold an occupation?

Is there music like this that could sooth a savage soul? Are the women beautiful are there strippers on the pole?

Strike the last thought, you weren’t supposed to hear that, I fear that I’m asking all the questions it appears that

You haven’t said a word, I’m really not to sure if you understand my language as you quietly observe.

Could you offer me a signal that would show you comprehend, if you don’t that’s ok there is no need to pretend.

Then he spoke in a dialect that wasn’t of this planet, he adjust a device that and I began to understand it.

“You’re questions prove there is intelligence on earth, continue on your journey ‘til your energy’s dispersed.”


"Ascension Methods" - Released July 4, 2010

"Life, Love, & The Pursuit" (Single) - Released August 25, 2010

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