John Guy Barwick

John Guy Barwick


My music is honest and heartfelt and presented in a way that has broad appeal for today's music fan. With catchy melodies and old-school blues guitar licks represented, the result is a unique blend of roots, acoustic-rock, folk, and blues.


Born and raised in Kinston, NC, John Guy Barwick began playing music at a young age. The main songwriter and co-founder of bands such as One Dead Language, Leisure Suit, and Family Function, John has crafted songs ranging from the jam-band focus of Family Function to todays acoustic-rock collaboration with NYC's own Patrick Frankfort.


Wipe the Slate Clean

Written By: John Guy Barwick & Patrick Frankfort

take a chance and open up
chances are you've ruined us anyway
what a foolish chance to take
speak the words and set me free
from what was never guaranteed anyway
there's nothing left to say
cause the slate can never ever be wiped clean
don't pretend that everything's as it should be
cause you gotta know your lying has ruined everything left in me.
you tore me down and drug me around
there's nothing left to figure out anyway
you've nothing left to fake
cause the slate can never ever be wiped clean
don't pretend that everything's as it should be
cause you gotta know your lying has ruined everything left in me.
funny how the years just slipped away
can't believe that's all you've got to say
but a love lived in regret, was never what was meant.
at least it's not meant for me.
cause the slate can never ever be wiped clean
don't pretend that everything's as it should be
cause you gotta know your lying
and all your denying
has ruined everything left in me.


Written By: John Guy Barwick

I guess I should've seen it coming
when you stormed into the room
but I refuse to say I'm sorry
cause I no longer think of you

So in the meantime
Take it easy
Take a walk
in the moonlight
eyes wide open
see your life
for the first time
as others see it

So I hear you're saving the world
one support call at a time
but the thought that you would be so bitter
never even crossed my mind

did you really come
just to tear me down
well take a look around
cause I just hit the bottom
so I'm hoping I'll be there
when you fall down,
oh will you please get out

The Flood

Written By: John Guy Barwick

Let me think it over
before I decide
cause this thing might be a river
that I've been holding back inside
and I've asked the Lord for mercy
but I think I've been denied
So give me one good reason why
you should hear these things
do you really think
you can stop the flood
inside of me?

The flood inside
Do you really think you can stem the tide?
The flood inside.

When I wake up every morning
I wonder should I rise?
cause I'm so tired of treading water
but I probably will until the day I die
So don't you offer to forgive me
w/o hearing my crimes
Can you give me just a little more time?
You'll hear everything,
do you really think
you can stop the flood
Inside of me...

The flood inside
Do you really think you can stem the tide?
The flood inside.

Day after day
Tuck them away
the bitter tears will turn to rain
So I'm praying to God that the levee
will hold
when the bottom drops
when the bottom drops out...




Written By: John Guy Barwick

I've been watching
I've been waiting
Hoping you'd change your mind

No more hesitating
The moment's come
it's do or die.

Cause I've been thinking of all the times that you left me lonely.
I've been watching the world slowly
cut me to the bone.

I'm smarter than you think
Sadder than I seem
From the outside
In spite of everything
I still don't think that you
will come around
But despite what they say
I'm gonna make it anyhow.

Everytime we're talking
I don't think that you believe.
that I can do whatever I want
If I just believe.

Don't let them leave you out in the cold.
Life's too short for wasting.
I'd rather make it on my own...
what do you say?

Think of Me

Written By: John Guy Barwick

I've been back in the States for a year or two.
Drowning in wine and reds and blues.
And the life I used to lead feels like a joke.
but to you, it's all remote.
And I thought it was time you were told.

To think of me
Now I'm home
Will I suffer in silence alone?
Think of me
Now I'm home
Man, it's so hard to be just ignored
What was it we were fighting for?

Well there's not much you can do
and less you can say
to make this mess just go away
But I sure wish you would look me right in the eye
but you won't
bet you won't...

What were we fighting for?
Tell me, what were we fighting for?


Written By: John Guy Barwick

Let me recover for a moment
all of a sudden all the air in the room is gone
I found your picture in the ashes
of a love that won't stay dead and gone

I said it and I don't regret
what would you give to go back and relive them
all the days of you and me
can't you see?

Ooh, Caroline
I can feel you in my soul
Ooh, Caroline
Don't you wish we could
Go back then again.

so I go to all of our old places
just to see if there's something going on
But every time I don't see you there
a part of me begins to hope

you're happy in your life without me
would either of us trade what we have for a memory?
and all the days since you and me, truthfully?

Thought we knew what we had then
our lives had yet to begin
and we were too dumb to see

bikinis, tan lines, and wine
don't make for much of a life
but I'm ashamed to say
ooh, even so
I still can't seem to throw
your picture away...

Speak Your Mind

Written By: John Guy Barwick

Can we talk about something else?
Or not at all...
The memory is still too fresh
Well, would it be misery with less?
Life's just hard sometimes I guess.

I can still recall your smiling face
and broken heart
The desperate look of fatal shame
Well, there's no one left to blame..
Life's just hard sometimes I guess

Hey there you
Why don't you speak your mind
it's over now, but I'm thinking I'd
Give anything
to hear the truth
While there's time
Why don't you speak your mind?
It's over now, but I still feel I
gave everything but love to pull you through.

And life is hard sometimes
Can't read between the lines
so say what's on your mind...

Come to Memphis

Written By: John Guy Barwick

Come to Memphis
Oh darling please make it soon
Before the cherry blossom trees
and the roses down on Beale
begin to bloom.
It doesn't matter what you have to do.
Just come to Memphis
Oh darling
Please make it soon.

I know we've had our problems
and I can recognize my past
I like to hide behind the music
so I don't have to face the fact
that to simply have your body
wrapped around mine
I know it's more than I deserve to ask
but the question haunts my mind

When are you coming down?
I'm so tired of waiting around?

Early Morning Blues

Written By: John Guy Barwick

What if I told her I was sorry
for all the shit I put her through?
What if I told her I was worried
that she'd wise up and
finally say, "We're through."
What if she said...

Come early morning
I'll be fine if you're not hanging around.
Come early morning
if you're gone
you can save me from
these Early Morning blues
Can you save me from
these Early Morning Blues.

I've tried so hard to be a good man
but all I think I've done is ruin you
So in the morning while you're sleeping, oh my love...
I'll pack up my guitar and whisper goodbye to you
Because I know, I know, I know.

You're tired of scraping by each day
and the regret on my face
A look that says, "Life has surely passed us by..."
it can happen any day
you wake up and then you say,"There's gotta be a way I can somehow change your mind...
Change your mind
one more time."

Just change your mind
change your mind
cause if you do you'll probably save my life....


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