John Guzzon

John Guzzon

 Mesa, Arizona, USA

Thunder and whispers emanate from the material as sung and performed by an everyman who has some music to share. Seeking nothing but to satisfy those who may be listening, a man and a guitar reveal his trials as well as those that inspire and trouble us all.


My musical journey began with the radio, progressed to the school band and has led to a long relationship between me and my guitars. Along the way, I have busked, played with bands and recorded while expanding my skill set to as many instruments as possible. A journalist and writer as well as a musician, I am in a constant pursuit of perfection that I know will never be obtained.


I have written and recorded hundreds of songs. They have been released when they sprung forth from my head.

Set List

My typical set list consists of all of my own songs. From introspective tunes to fast, heavy movers, they run the gamut.