John Houx

John Houx


Houx's timeless new folk songs, sung barefoot & alone, silence all crowds except to bring belly-laughs. A former hobo, he now lives in Manhattan, tours internationally with Young God artists and more, and has been called "a new potential hero" for his sharp lyrics, distinct voice and pure presence.


The vegan son of a cowboy, John Houx is named for his great-great, the notorious robber of Wells Fargo stagecoaches. Shooting guns at two years old and teaching himself to read "Ferdinand The Bull" at three, he has become a sort of calm and gentle Outlaw Elf or Little Prince kicking hard against the pricks of the world; as Larkin Grimm calls him, "Marlon Brando meets Little Boy Blue."

John left the ranch in high school to tour with arena rock groups and MTV stars, then abruptly gave up his possessions to travel America as a poet hobo, learning songs and instruments. In 2007 he hitched to Manhattan with no one to call and no place to stay in from the snow, and began performing on the Antifolk circuit, quickly landing on the cover of the scene magazine. Two years later, he's since played 46 states and half of Europe with Akron/Family, Larkin Grimm, Vetiver, The Mountain Goats, Alela Diane, Great Lake Swimmers, Fiery Furnaces, Sleepy Sun, etc. His self-released full-length debut, JOHN HOUX'S GREEN PERIOD, was recorded in one night and released in June 2009, and receives national radio play, including New York's prestigious WNYC.


John Houx's Green Period (Self-Released LP, 2009)
John Houx's Haikus (Homemade EP, 2008)

Current Radio Tracks: "Bird, Bird, Bird" ; "Apple On A Table, Green"

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