John Howard

John Howard


My music is full of hooks, sweet harmonies, and, overall, has an uplifting effect. Obvious influences include: the Beatles, Roy Orbison, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Elton John, and Billy Joel.


Born and bred in Owensboro, Kentucky, I have since had the experience of living in Seoul, Korea (where I taught English) and Nashville (where I picked up a gig writing for “American Songwriter Magazine,” a publication I still contribute articles to) before settling down for the moment in Los Angeles.

Throughout my various adventures, I have always carried a guitar with me, and the Beatles, Roy Orbison, Elton John and lately John Mayer have followed me in the form of influences.

After a few experimental demos, I've just now released a 5-song EP called “This Game Of Life.” Veteran producer Guy Marshall (“Baywatch” credits among others) served as producer of this CD full of hooks, sweet harmonies, and good karma. It is now available on


August 2005, "This Game Of Life," 5-song EP

Set List

"This Game Of Life:"

1. She's So Complicated
2. Faith In Us
3. We Bump Into Each Other
4. There She Is
5. This Game Of Life