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"Rules Do Not Apply"

"Rules Do Not Apply," is the perfect title for this amazing instrumental album! John Huldt kicks ass on guitar. Take his outstanding ability on lead guitar and combine it with a drummer like Kal Drakopoulos and a bassist like Philip Bynoe and you've got musical perfection. This album gives it all. There are moments of heavy blues, ridiculous lead guitar runs, reggae, jazz, funk, rock 'n roll, country, and even some hints of classical. Each of these feels are carried out with balls to the wall fashion, which proves all the more that these are well rounded musicians. They did a great job of combining the different feels and keeping it fun and intense for the listener. John sent us a brief bio with his review and he said something that was right on the money! he says,

"I have tried to bring songwriting back into instrumental guitar music. I see all these guitar players on youtube with thier insanely good technique, playing chops at outrageous speed but when I listen, all I can hear are exercises...I wanna hear melodies and form...Songs that not all sound the same...What baffles me the most is that everybody wants to be best at playing guitar, but no one wants to be the best at playing music..."

We don't think that this could have been phrased in any better a fashion, and John trully lives up to his words. His album is filled with melodies and phrases that can be followed with pleasure by any musician or average listener. There is not a weak song on the album, and everytime you think you've heard all that he could possibly have to give, he throws something new into your ears and leaves you breathless. This album can be admired by all who listen. is pleased to have such an outstanding musician on our site, and would recommend everyone to listen to this album and enjoy! Thanks to John, Kal, and Philip. Keep Rockin', and we'll keep listening!! - Tim Staump


"Rules Do Not Apply" - Full length CD - 2008.
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John grew up in a small town in rural Sweden, came to America to play guitar where he met Kal and Phil, recorded the CD "Rules Do Not Apply". Extremely diverse band with influences from all over the place. Very high level of musicianship and what makes this band different from most instrumental acts is that the songs are really really good. Instrumental music that's not just for musicians.