John Ireland

John Ireland

 Fairfax, Virginia, USA

There's lots of talent in the DC Metro area, but John Ireland's singular gifts stand out amongst the masses. Whether he's shredding a lead guitar line on his Telecaster, or singing lovelorn ballads for the ladies, John's sound and style turn heads wherever he performs.


For the past 17 years John Ireland has been entertaining audiences with a unique style of music. His commanding acoustic performances generate an atmosphere of infectious energy, while his electric performances provide an explosiveness equaled by few in the business. From compelling ballads to lusty grooves, John delivers each note with artful poise and crafty precision. His creative influences include The Beatles, Billy Bragg, Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, Ani Difranco, Wilco, and a slew of other artists from various genres. Before pursuing a solo career, John shared the stage with such groups as 3%Fat, Toast And Jam, Backyard Ritual, Tabula Rasa, 9th Universe, Knuckle Suckle, and Brainfang. He has played in Washington, D.C., Virginia, New York, North and South Carolina, and Georgia. More recently, he appeared with Todd Watts of emmet swimming and Smartbomb. John is currently promoting the release of his third self-produced CD with a series of live performances at clubs in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. He has formed the "John Ireland Device" to help him achieve his robust artistic vision. The "...Device" are comprised of local musicians/composers/lyricists who are veterans of the local music scene. They're highly skilled at the art of conversation, publishing, anger management, and badminton.

John stays busy with ongoing productions at Venusiian Media Studios ( ), his privately owned record label and recording studio. He founded Venusiian Media Studios in 1999 to realize his vision of producing and delivering music through virtual channels, as well as the age-old brick and mortar model. V.M.S. continues to serve as a vehicle to record his own material as well as that of other local acts, including Brainfang, AKA.Frankie, and Katsura.

In conclusion, The John Ireland Device are the next best answer to all of rock and roll's failings! John Ireland is prepared to elevate rock and roll to the exulted status it deserves, and the "John Ireland Device" are ready to augment his melodious attack. But whether playing with his backing band, a single accomplice, or entirely alone, John Ireland brings class, virtuosity, and passion to every venue he visits. Please visit for more information about upcoming projects and performances. John Ireland is a proud member of ASCAP and The Alien Brain Trust consortium ( ).


Love Them Still

Written By: John Ireland

Sister says she’s got no one to love
I don’t know how she does it all alone
There’s no way that she could be happy
except when she’s shopping for her clothes

It’s sad I know but I can feel it too
She wants to love but it is hard to do

Mother’s always got a bone to pick
she can never accept me the way I am
And father tries hard not to show emotion
you know I know it’s like the way I am

But I know I always will love them still
And I know I always will love them still
And I always know that I will them still
And I always know that I will them still

It Used To Be

Written By: John Ireland

It used to be there was something more between us
You could feel how warm that woman was
It was a long road we were both used to traveling
But even then we would still get lost

We sacrificed a many hours between us
So much time that I almost forgot
And we cried when we finally communicated
Now we’re just waiting out time

Guitar break
I remember the night we first met
Outside a bar, downtown Arlington
And I recall the first time that we made love
It was the beginning of our four year bond

Even though I’m as sad as I can be
I know time will relieve what I can’t get over
And I will not forget the best that we had
And wonder on how we could have made it so far

And I don’t know how to feel
At times I’m ok, but I’m lonely and scared
And we both know we won’t talk as much now
Did we ever talk then?
I don’t think we did
I don’t think we did

And I will miss your smile your gentle touch
Your smell that you leave when you’ve gone to work
I will miss your kiss before you go to bed
the crazy way you sleep with your legs bent up

Even though I cried, felt deceived and lied to
I do understand how you came to your views
Not much more to say but to let you go,
and the time that we had

I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I’m sorry

Ship Wrecked

Written By: John Ireland

Motley colors in the morning
Captain stumbles, surveys, delays
There’s no tomorrow like tomorrow
We’re sure to find land any day

My darling missus back at home
So much left un-said; the chance is gone
Thinking now of where we are
And how the hell we reached this far

Captain stands atop the cabin
Looking out he wonders why
And navigator glares into infinity
It’s a curious scene to see

Hope we will find our way home

Land grows massive in the distance
Hypnotizing as the waxing moon
The men can taste the breezy mountain air
And rush the shoreline very soon

Captain stands aft of the galley
Quoting rhymes of long ago
Captain cackles into an empty sea
And pleads “wish you were here with me”

Hope we will find our way home
I’m sure we will find our way home


2004 - Lonely Man
2001 - Marble
2000 - Welcome To The New Millennium, Bloke!