John Isom

John Isom


My music has a wide spectrum of colors. I like many types of music, including, rock, celtic, country, blues and gospel. I write to express my beliefs and to illuminate those blessings God provides.


My background for many years was playing rock and roll, both at festival and clubs. I had as a child a firm belief in Christ but never participated in church. I belief that there is a connection between all types of music and the real world needs. I find many secular songs can be so uplifting and provides the message that I enjoy communicating.

My love for music and my God is obvious in my writing. My hope is that my music will lift others in a positive way without being too preachy...t



Written By: John Isom

All those who seek our God
Let us be glad in thee, glad in thee

Sweet salvation, thru our God
Let us be glad in thee, glad in thee

Im weary of my crying
I thirst for the waters of my Lord
Let them cover me and save a soul
thats trying, to Rejoice in the Lord
Rejoice in the Lord!

Those souls, who seek our Lord
Let us be glad in thee, glad in thee


The Bridge - Convicted by His Love, no airplay just sold at church...

Set List

60 minute combining both original works as well as known praise songs, some secular material will be played as well...