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"Global Graffiti Publishing"

UK songsmith, John Jackson, is a man apart. "Bad Things Happen All The Time" [is] a collection of deceptively sweet, and often haunting melodies, spiked with bitterly satirical lyrics revealing the "beauty among the ruins" of our modern lives. Musically, John will sometimes remind you of Morrissey or Radiohead. Vocally, he might bring to mind The Killers or even Al Stewart. In any case, the result is distinctive, pleasing, and proof that sometimes good things DO happen. - Skip Adams

"Matchbox Recordings"

"Bad things happen all the time" is the second album from John Jackson and is an edgy collection where Indie rock, protest song and electro acoustic pop combine to potent effect. The essential album for cynics and real music enthusiasts everywhere, this classy album, with its mix of 60's folk, alt country and Indie rock is bound to please.

John's vocals are smooth, melodic and melancholy on some tracks; angry, loud and full of protest on others. As well as a strong melodic drive this album prides itself on witty lyrics that come dressed as the political, emotional and poetic.

The title track (the vibe here is reminiscent of Radiohead's Amnesiac days) is a swingeing attack on big oil business - its damning sentiment strangely but brilliantly expressed in the extremely catchy hookline "Richard Nixon gave us the thumbs up" - sung as if by a melodic robot delivering an ultimatum from planet Jackson.

Violins, trumpets, radio samples, acoustic guitars, noisy funky guitars are scattered through this beautiful and moving landscape. The finale is the amazingly beautiful acoustic classic "Through The Glass": folky Lennon meets the Pogues - chilling but spine-tinglingly good.

All in all a fantastic follow up from an Independent artist who does it for the love, art and pure melody. "I get Wired, I get Angry, I set myself on Fire". Great Art. - Dale Olivier

"Tinderbox Music Promotions"

The irony is almost too much to handle, of this super talented artist and his name relation to the popular Jack Johnson. Well John Jackson is the UK’s version of what we already have, and something in the name combination is a prerequisite for producing great solo albums. This singer songwriter has already made a name for himself, but has the talent to push it even farther, broadcasting his well crafted songs across the United States. - Jon O'Brien


What is it about John Jackson's music that makes it seem both instantly familiar and totally original? Maybe it's how relevant the writing is, with genius lyrics that reference war, history, and the frustration felt with those who turn a blind eye to these. Or maybe it's how sophisticated Jackson's melodies are; they stick after just one listen, like a less elliptical Radiohead or something Bono might have written had he become a solo performer instead of a stadium rock god. Though bitingly critical, this music is never dispassionate or cynical. There are layers here, countermelodies, instrumentation...heart. The title track, "Bad Things Happen All the Time," is a brilliantly subtle critique of the misguided optimism of political leaders, and is an absolute must-hear. - John Buckman

"Recording Magazine"

Music: No Alibi is a male vocal acoustic track; think David Gray with some muscle. John did it all, with some help from Nick Hill on cello.

Recording: We think that John may be onto something here! No Alibi is one of the finest submissions we’ve had in quite a while. The track starts out with a nicely arranged acoustic guitar and synth intro, followed by a superbly recorded lead and harmony vocal. We can’t say enough about the tone; the voice is crystal clear and present, with no sibilance or other digital nasties.
Next up is a conga track and mid-register cello that carries the song into its middle section. Just when we start to bemoan the lack of bass or low end presence in the track, in comes a stunning rhythm section which instantly kicks the whole song from an acoustic/folk vibe to a rockin’ one. Well done John!

Suggestions: Keep doing what seems to come naturally to you.

Summary: Beautiful!
- Marty Peters



New album - Tunguska!94478 - in production

Fire, Fifteen minutes, Through the glass and Spanish lullabies licensed to:

Blake House Media (From the 50yd line - movie)

Abilities Unlimited - documentary use

An American Opera - documentary use

Lonelygirl15 - YouTube usage


Bad things happen all the time signed to Magnatune and re-released.

'Fire' licensed to Renault for release on the mp3 player included with new Megane cars


calling mr in-between (single, on independent - best of matchbox compilation)


bad things happen all the time (LP)


'cruel croupier' released on Uproar - Matchbox recordings compilation

'dangerous to know' and 'spiral staircase' used in the film 'couriers' by Kalizma films


strange attractors (LP)



John Jackson is a singer-songwriter based in London, UK. Citing influences as diverse as Soul Coughing, American Music Club and Elliot Smith, he is one of the UK's most intriguing new songwriters: a former toxicologist turned writer of sparkling and emotional songs.

The debut album - strange attractors - was released in 2002 (available through Matchbox Recordings), followed by a tireless regime of gigs in and around the capital, this material garnered plaudits from as far as Israel, America, Canada and Belgium. Carried by Radio Waves was a runner up in the 2003 Unisong Songwriting Competition.

The hotly anticipated follow up album - bad things happen all the time - was released in late 2004 and is available from Magnatune. From this album, Through the Glass recently won 2nd place in the Acoustic/Folk category of the Unisong 2004 International Songwriting Competition, and the song Bad Things Happen All the Time was a runner up in the 2004 UK Songwriting Contest rock/indy category.

Several of John's songs are currently signed to LA-based publishing deals.