John Joseph

John Joseph


This Music IS a Brand NEW Sound in Acoustic Music!!It's a very unique combination of Acoustic Guitar Rhythms, Open Keys, and Accents to other instruments , a healing journey. An amazing, peaceful, musical experience, one will never forget as John plays his Acoustic Guitar to the Ocean!


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John Joseph has one of the most unique musical training experiences that anyone has ever had. A long time ago in Milford, Connecticut, on Anchor Beach, he would take his guitar and sit upon a huge rock called, Signal Rock. As the waves would come in, with eyes closed, he would play chords to the actions and reactions of the waves. As the waves would hit the rocks, chords and rhythms would come to him to play, and then the waves would recede and new chords would come for those waves and their reactions. One night, late into the morning hours, John Joseph was again perched upon Signal Rock with his acoustic guitar in his hands, his eyes closed. He was playing to the sea. After about two hours of straight playing, he opened his eyes and could not believe what he saw. To his amazement, there were people all over the beach. They were sitting on the sidewalk path and steps, and all of them clapped and applauded. This was the turning point for John Joseph; he knew, in that moment, that music would be a part of his life forever. As time would have it, John Joseph began to get known. He played his music everywhere he could find a place to play, to anyone who would listen. Eventually, he was able to make a living playing his music in various places throughout Connecticut. And then the time came for him to make a decision, as he wanted to go professional. He decided that going to Maryland and the Washington, D.C. music circuit would be the answer for the next level of his musical journey. As destiny began to unfold, John Joseph won favor with many people and began the professional night club circuit throughout Maryland and the Eastern Sea Shore. It was at this time that he began to focus his music on the jazz scene. He absolutely fell in love with jazz music. This was no coincidence as John Joseph's background was thoroughly influenced and affected by the great jazz and blues players of the century. Everyone from>YANNI ; STING; CHUCK LOEB; STANLEY CLARKE; MUDDY WATERS; STEVIE WONDER; THE ALMAN BROTHERS; BOB JAMES; RICK BRAUN; KIM CLEMENT; VICTOR WOOTEN; STEPHEN STILLS; CHRIS BOTTI; BILLY HOLIDAY; DIANA ROSS; YES; HERBIE HANCOCK; LEE RITENOUR; ERIC CLAPTON; GEORGE BENSON; and of course THE BEATLES!, greatly influenced his life. With this great influence, he focused on his own Acoustic Jazz Sound. There is no doubt that anyone who experiences the music of John Joseph will be experiencing a beautiful new sound. It is John Joseph's desire that this new sound will bring great healing, love and joy to people all over the world . Look for a John Joseph concert coming to a city near you soon!


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I usually play my new CD in concert. It's a journey, and I am inspired in the moment , in the music , as I sense the connection of what's flowing thru me, the music, my spirit, and my audience.