John Keller

John Keller

 Utica, New York, USA

Definitive Folk/Rock... with a twist of lime. Original and classic rock, country blues with a heavy nod towards Americana.


A native of Utica, New York, John Keller had begun playing guitar and writing songs as a teenager. Since
that time, he has honed his skills to become a well-received performer/songwriter, as well as a sideman with
several musical projects.
His talents are best reflected in his solo ventures, which the Rome Observer defined as lively...original
musical art. His CD releases include, Words We Say, Words We Read (2000), the 4 track The Christmas
EP (2001) and Grazin at the Margins. Each contain fan favorites i.e. Age of Modern Man, Dont Walk
Away, The Light, and Make Me Believe. The Rome Observer described the music as ... a mixture of
bluegrass fronting a breath of chunky blues, love ballads and Americana folk tunes. His vocals have been
thought of as ... swinging from Dr. Johns growl to (Roy) Orbisons vocal caress... And quoting from The Life
and Times of Oneida County, ... intriguing vocals... circumscribe the refined arrangements...his guitar creates
rich and resonant melodies... Johns third full-length album, a completely solo effort in the Springsteen
Nebraska style, entitled, Hard Luck Highway, which calls up-close personal
style...featuring excellent folksy acoustic guitar...
Captive Audio was released in April 2009.
In 2012, he released 2 albums back-toback, the rockin' "Jukebox Saturday Nite" and a country album, "Like Country Oughta Be."
He has done session work & produced albums for others. His songs have been recorded by others.
Johns music has been heard on Central NY radio, including WOUR, WRCK, and WRUN, and as far as
WMNF Tampa Florida. His song Travis, was number one for two weeks on Belgian radio.
John has been a mainstay on the Java Circuit, performing the stages of The Tramontane Caf, The Black
Cow in Croton-on Hudson, NY, Happy Endings -Syracuse, et. al. Hes performed at colleges, clubs, family
venues and festivals. These include SUNYIT Utica/Rome, Utica College, WCCC in Youngswood, PA, The
Electric Company, Betsy the Barge in Marcy NY, The Lionheart Blues Caf in Albany, The Barking Spider in
Cleveland, OH, as well as Mountain Jam, SoulFlow, and Harvest Celebration.
John has performed in many benefit shows. In fact, a portion of the sales from his Christmas EP, goes to the
American Red Cross.
John organized the Acoustic Showcase series held at The Rock and Roll Preserve, which helped promote
local musicians.
He appears in Jennifer Perezs award winning indie documentary 60 Minutes of Freedom - A Revolution
Through Music. Johns music is regularly featured on CNY television program, Mohawk Valley Living.
One of his songs is currently being considered for major motion picture inclusion.
John is a client with the CANN Talent Agency.
He has contributed music columns to several widely read Central New York newspapers. He currently writes a music column for
Besides being a performing musician, John has been President of The Utica Music Alliance & Resource
Center, Inc. (UMARC). UMARC is a non-profit organization designed to encourage and promote the creation
of original music in the Mohawk Valley, help provide musicians with the resources on and for the business of
music, as well as expose the public to the art of music. He hosts a Songwriters Circle at The
Tramontane, as well a weekly Open Mic in Rome, NY .
When not performing, John can be found at his vintage record shop, Off-Center Records. For nearly 15
years, he has stocked and sold rare & valuable vinyl recordings worldwide.
Music runs through the heart and soul of John Keller, and he wouldnt want it any other way.



Written By: John Keller

He walked for miles along the highway
A long stretch of road still lay ahead
He had come to the decision
To make it home before he's dead

He left his family out in Tucson
As they headed back to New Orleans
He didn’t know how much he'd miss them
He didn’t know how lost he'd be

Chorus Travis boy do you remember
Travis have you lost your mind
Travis never lose direction
Travis are you running... Out of time

He wandered through a reservation
Sat and ate with Chief Sifting Sand
The sun was hot and baked the roadway
Unbearable for beast or man

He got picked up in Oklahoma
Escaped within an inch of life
He met a girl near Fort Worth Texas
Stayed with her for just one night

Inst. Break

When he got to Texarkana
He knew his time was drawing near
He felt he'd never find his loved ones
The ones his heart held so dear

Then in the distance he heard calling
"Oh my God it's Travis, son"
And as the boy reached out to pet him
He knew his battle had been won

Chorus x 2


Words We Say, Words We Read 2000
The Christmas EP 2001
Grazin' At The Margins 2002
Hard Luck Highway 2006
Captive Audio 2009
Christmas Dreams 2010
Jukebox Saturday Nite 2012
Like Country Oughta Be 2012
Several tracks on all releases have achieved Northeastern airplay
Also several streaming on

Set List

John Kellers set list consists of dozens of original songs & 100s of cover tunes. the following are some of the artists that are covered.
Van Morrison Beatles Black Crowes
Johnny Cash Eric Clapton Alice Cooper CCR C S N & Y Jim Croce
Neil Diamond Dr. Hook Bob Dylan
Fleetwood Mac Foreigner Marvin Gaye
Grateful Dead KISS Meatloaf
Moxy Fruvous Willie Nelson Tom Petty
Ramones REO Speedwagon Rolling Stones
Steppenwolf Velvet Underground Edwin McCain